Wrap Your Hair In The Towel When You Walk Out Of The Shower? You Are Making A Serious Mistake!

Showering or bathing is one of the simplest things in the world: everyone does it every day (or at least they should) since childhood. And that’s why the point is … how do we do something bad that we do throughout our lives?

Yet it turns out that this habit is not as simple as it feels. Almost all of us often make mistakes, so it’s time to make clear how to shower properly and eliminate bad habits forever!

1. Wash your hair every day

We all want to have clean and shiny hair, and envy those who have them naturally. It is a fact that brushing your hair every day is a serious mistake: this bad habit causes the scalp to irritate and dry further. For this reason, especially if you have fine and delicate hair, it is the case that you do not wash them too frequently. A couple of times a week will suffice. While someone who is curly or has a lot of hair, he should do it once a week.

2. Take long showers and more than once a day

It is certainly one of the greatest pleasures of life, but the truth is that taking a shower for a long time can eliminate the natural moisture of the skin. The ideal time span should be between 5 and 10 minutes. Also, it is advisable to do it only once a day. If you were forced, though, because you’ve been in the gym or because it is very hot, be careful not to stay too long under the water.

3. Do not wash your feet and shoulders well

Sometimes it’s definitely uncomfortable to wash your feet, just like your shoulders: there are two parts of the body that require some “contortionism.” Yet, it’s definitely wrong to ignore hygiene. Both areas are exposed to bacteria and – in the case of the feet – too many death cells, which need to be eliminated through cleansing.

4. Dry the sponge well

If using a vegetable sponge, remember to dry it well after showering. This, in fact, if it remains damp, it can become the perfect place for bacterial stagnation. This is why you need to rinse it well, and let it dry completely before the next shower.

5. Moisturize your skin when it’s too late

Maybe you did not know it, but the skin is moisturized when it’s still a little wet, so not long after washing. In fact, moisture promotes natural hydration, and the soothing effect lasts longer over time. Passing a moisturizer on your body or face too long after you have been showered is not wise for a proper treatment of your skin.

6. Dry off with too much impetus

It is funny to think that there is an incorrect way to dry out, yet it is so. Drying too much vein and rubbing the skin too much can actually irritate it. Better to be gentler with our body: proceed with delicate movements, circulators, slowly. It will also be much more enjoyable!

7. Do not shower after sports

Many people think that having a shower after the sport is not necessary if you do not sweat. That is not so. Even if we are not sweating this does not mean that our skin has not produced germs through perspiration. A short shower will suffice, as suggested in step 2.

8. Drink only with hot water

If it is true that cold water showering is not particularly enjoyable for many people, it is a habit that has many benefits: it stimulates circulation, keeps skin cool, gives us more energy, and , Last but not least, has antidepressant effects. If you do not usually bear cold water, we advise you to wash it with hot water, and then, for the last 30 seconds, change the temperature by turning on lukewarm water.

9. Apply the balm on all hair

First, it is not the case to put the balm on your whole head, especially close to the hair attachment, because it tends to only fatten them. It is best to apply it only on the hairpin or the tips. Additionally, it is advisable to place the conditioner before the shampoo. In this way, washing them with the shampoo afterwards, you can wash and clean them better by eliminating any balm fat.

10. Wrap your long hair in the towel

Do not take this picture seriously: you will not become bald by wrapping your hair in a towel after showering! However, this is still a bad habit. Keeping it on the head for a long time, in fact, creates a stagnant moisture that damages both the hair itself and the scalp. Well, now you know it!

11. Depilate underwater

Though it is a widespread habit, according to experts in the shower, using a razor, is not healthy for our skin. The amount of moisture due to running water causes the skin to be particularly moist and sensitive, which can cause irritation and cuts. It is better to use specific products immediately after when the skin is dry and yet soft. Or turn directly to anaesthetist.

Now that you know all the mistakes you can make after you have a shower, we are sure you will be more careful. Your body and your skin will surely benefit you. And it’s all health!

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