With This Great Trick, Turn your Underwear As White As The First Day You Bought It

A subject rarely mentioned, but one that is very important is that of underwear. Everyone has their own preferences in this matter. Some like bright, strong colors that attract attention.

Others prefer something more delicate, with dark colors and attractive design. In the last line, we have those who simply do not like wearing underwear.

As we have said, everyone has their preferences, and tastes can vary from one person to another. However, something we all have in common is that we have at least one white. For some reason, this color is very attractive to most people in underwear. Although very susceptible to blemishes, most have underwear of this color.

More than one has been forced to get rid of this type of underwear, after a few uses. And it is that, with the washing, this clothes usually turns of a yellowish or grayish color. Moreover, being made of sensitive materials, the use of bleaches damages them easily. Therefore, it is unusable and unfortunately, we must get rid of it.

However, we want to share with you a method that will leave your white clothes as new. Although a bra is used in the pictures, the trick is useful for any article of clothing. Pay attention to the following instructions so that you can apply them yourself.

What we will need:

• Salt ground (2 tablespoons).
• The detergent of your preference (1 tablespoon).
• Sodium carbonate (1 tablespoon).
• Warm water (not hot).
• Plastic container (1 unit).

Preparation and use:

The first step is to pour enough warm water into the bowl, along with the other ingredients. Now, we will proceed to remove everything very well, until everything has been diluted. Next, we will introduce the garment that we want to bleach.

With this simple trick, we can whiten any type of garment. We can do it with underwear, blouses, T-shirts or whatever. With these simple ingredients, we can get the clothing back to its natural white.

Do not continue to throw away your white garments after few uses because of the stains. Prepare this powerful whitening substance and make it look new. If it seems like a simple trick, share it on your social networks.

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