With This Fruit Any Urine Infection Dies On The 2nd Day And Disappears Without Using Pills

Urinary tract infections are very common among women. These usually generate a lot of inflammation, discomfort when urinating, pain in the bladder and pressure in the belly. Sometimes it is also reflected in tiredness accompanied by a bit of fever.

This type of pathologies are known as cystitis, which is treated by means of antibiotics. In order to eliminate this kind of ills, we must follow exactly the instructions that our doctor gives us.

However, there are some fruits that can complement such treatments very well. Here we will talk about several of them and how they benefit in this aspect. But before we talk about it, we’ll leave you several recommendations that you can follow.

Consume camomile, rosemary or cinnamon infusions: the infusions of these three plants are especially useful to reduce inflammation.

Eating foods with antibiotic properties: these foods include garlic, parsley, ginger, etc. Especially with ginger you can prepare infusions, or parsley decoctions by adding 5 sprigs to a glass of water. Finally, we put to boil these substances and ready.

Consume diuretic foods: these foods will help you avoid fluid retention and infections in the body.

Baking soda: This product in almost all kitchens also fights urinary tract infections. Simply consume 1 glass of water mixed with q tablespoon of baking soda. This will gradually eliminate the infection.


This fruit is very good for eliminating urinary infections because of its antibiotics and antioxidants. By consuming them, we increase the acidity of the urine, which kills the bacteria. In addition, it prevents them from adhering to the urinary tract. To achieve these effects, we must consume the natural fruit, not in prepared juices. These no longer possess their healing properties due to the preparation process.

Papayas or milky

This fruit also has the ability to increase the acidity of urine, which eliminates bacteria. In addition to that, this detoxifying fruit is rich in fiber, which improves intestinal transit. Its antioxidant properties purify our intestines, colon and bladder. Also, their enzymes help to lower inflammation and healing.

Orange and lemon juice

For no one is a secret that both orange and lemon are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. To take advantage of its properties, we can prepare a juice every morning with 2 oranges and half a lemon. This juice we should drink slowly and unfiltered, as its pulp cleans the intestines. After that, you can supplement its effect with the other fruits we have mentioned.


There is nothing better than pineapple to reduce the inflammation caused by a urinary tract infection. The best of it is that you can consume it as you like, the effect will be the same. So do not waste your properties and consume it daily.

Red grapes

These fruits are almost as potent as they turn out to be blueberries when it comes to combating urinary tract infection. You can consume them daily and you will notice all their properties in action. These grapes are rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, diuretic properties and many vitamins.

With these fruits you can be sure that you will end any urinary tract infection you have. No matter how severe it is, you will end it if you supplement medical treatment with these fruits. After several days, you will not even remember having a urinary tract infection. If you think this information would help some of your friends, share it on your social networks.

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