With A Sip Of This Mixture You Will Cleanse Your LIVER And Rejuvenate

The liver plays a fundamental role in the general health of the body, as it is responsible for filtering the blood to purify it and extract those toxic substances that can harm healthy cells.

On the other hand, it also participates in the digestive processes and is one of those involved in the complex process of waste disposal that for various reasons remain accumulated in the body.

Keeping it healthy and in optimum functioning gives us energy, better mood and is also reflected in the skin.
Instead, when he has difficulty carrying out his tasks because of intoxication, the body, in general, is affected and a series of disorders develop that can degrade the quality of life.

Fortunately, there are a number of natural ingredients that can act positively to facilitate your natural cleansing while providing other benefits to the body.

This time we want to share the amazing olive oil with lemon, whose properties support liver function to improve health.

Healing Properties of Olive Oil with Lemon

Extra virgin olive oil has been advised for hundreds of years as a type of healthy fat that can be incorporated moderately into the daily diet.

Its high content of essential fatty acids, added to its antioxidants, make it one of the foods with more benefits for the general health of the body.

However, many people still do not know that when combined with lemon can be a mixture of incredible goodness for the body. Here’s why it’s good to take it.

For balance of liver and gallbladder

This is one of the most special benefits of this wonderful medicinal recipe. Thanks to its purifying qualities it has the power to reduce intoxication in the liver and gallbladder facilitating its functions to avoid the accumulation of waste in them.

It is an excellent remedy for those moments of inflammation and feeling of heaviness, as it facilitates the cleaning of the toxins that cause this type of symptoms.

It can also stimulate slow digestions and decreases the acidity in the body to prevent the development of various ailments.

Help prevent cardiovascular diseases

The essential fatty acids provided by olive oil and antioxidant compounds of lemon act positively on the cardiovascular system by lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Thanks to this important effect, your daily intake ensures adequate blood flow and optimal heart function, which decreases the risk of developing serious diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes.

Take care of skin, hair, and nails

The high antioxidant content of olive oil and lemon acts as one of the best protectors against oxidative damage caused by free radicals, the main cause of premature aging of the skin and hair.

On the other hand, both concentrate essential nutrients that strengthen brittle nails to stimulate their growth.

In addition, thanks to its antiseptic and astringent properties, it acts as an effective treatment for skin problems and dandruff.

How to prepare the cure of olive oil with lemon?


This olive oil with lemon does not need any other ingredients. The simple combination of both makes a powerful blend to have a healthier organism and a younger appearance.

– 1 teaspoon lemon juice (5 ml)
– 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil (16 g)

• Every day, on an empty stomach, dilute the lemon juice with extra virgin olive oil and take it immediately.
• Wait at least 30 minutes before eating breakfast.
• To detoxify the liver take it daily, for a month followed.
• You can prepare the same formula to improve digestion and reduce cholesterol.
• You can do it several times a year, depend on your needs.
If you want to apply for aesthetic issues you will simply have to make the same mixture, although with larger amounts depending on the use you are going to give.

Remember that you should only take the recommended dose because too much could be counterproductive.

At the end of the month of treatment, you can feel the positive changes in your health. Thereafter, it is important to continue with a healthy diet to avoid future difficulties in liver function.


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