Why Women Need to Sleep Twice More Than Men !!

A study by Duke University in North Carolina reveals that women need more hours of sleep than men and that everything is because their ability to do many things at the same time causes more wear and tear on their body than just Can be recovered by more hours of sleep.

The researchers were able to verify that women’s brains require a longer period to “rest” and recover energies, a product of daily wear and tear on the multiplicity of tasks they perform.

Women must take care of different tasks with their work, the care of the children, the housework, the market, the payment of the services, the feeding all these activities imply an extra requirement in the brain reason why They require more hours of sleep.

The study also determined that women who do not get enough sleep are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, poor tolerance, and anger.
In contrast, the lack of sleep for men does not seem to trigger any of these feelings.

Previous studies have linked sleep deprivation with a high risk of heart disease, mental problems, inflammation, and stroke. In fact, several specialists involved in the study indicate that the lack of a good night’s sleep causes the woman’s body to become inflamed and suffer from muscle aches during the day.

The director of the sleep disorders research center at Loughborough University, Jim Home, explained that “one of the main functions of sleep is to help the brain to self-repair.

During deep sleep, the cerebral cortex (that part responsible for memory, thinking, and language) disengages from the daily chore and enters a recovery process that is vital. The more you use your brain during the day, the longer it will require rest for your recovery. “

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