White or Brown Eggs, Which Are More Nutritious?

The controversy over white or brown/brown eggs, and which one is the most nutritious, has filled the internet with questions and little information backed up, so we will try to shed a little clarity on this subject.

Currently, eggs represent a fundamental pillar in the daily diet, are very healthy and contribute significant protein value to the body. They are one of the most recommended foods to start the day or finish with a light dinner.

White eggs or brown eggs?
Unfortunately, a lot of speculation and false beliefs have been generated regarding this fabulous food, such as the idea that brown eggs are much healthier than whites. However, here we tell you how true these hypotheses are.

Firstly, eggs vary in color based on their genetic chain. In other words, it will depend on the genetic ramifications of the hen and its breed, if it has brown feathers it will put brown eggs, the important thing is to remember that although they are brown they will not give greater hardness to the shell (another false belief), and That this will depend on the years that the animal has. The younger you are, the more delicate the shells will be.

Nutritional contribution of eggs
According to nutritionists, the egg is a food with a lot of potential. Although eggs have a high cholesterol, they are certainly very healthy foods that you can eat on a daily basis. It should be noted that if you have any nutritional pathology you must be careful about its consumption.

Nutritionally, the white or brown egg of good size, gives the body more than 80 kilocalories (Kcal), from 5 to 13 healthy fats and 6 grams (g) protein. They also contribute high levels of vitamin A, B and folate.

Although it is proven that eggs are high in cholesterol, medical and nutritional studies have concluded that health-beneficial cholesterol, ie dietary cholesterol, will not raise the blood cholesterol of people who eat them regularly, provided And when they stay healthy.

What really matters, when choosing an egg is its  , as this will determine your levels of nutrition. The pigmentation within its color range, white or brown, an excessive number of spots or a very small size, are indicators of an egg whose hen did not enjoy good health so it will not be a food loaded with the proper vitamin proportions.

Composition of eggs

The percentage composition according to nutritional institutes are as follows:

• Water: 75%.
• Proteins: 13%.
• Cholesterol: 500mg.
•Vitamins: A, B, B1, B2, D, E.
• Calories: Between 80 and 160Kcal.

The ways to do good quality control on eggs are:

• Illumination: Look through the light, if you notice black or red spots means that the egg is decomposing, if it is completely dark then the egg has rotted.
• Odor: If the egg has a strange smell, not characteristic of it, it is best to discard it.
• Agitation: The egg should be shaken from top to bottom if it emits a very strong rebound sound, it means that it has aged. This is due to the increased separation between the shell and the membrane covering the yolk, which generates a vacuum of air.

Conservation method:
An egg in its optimal conditions to be ingested will have a shiny shell. At the time of breaking them to extract its contents, it should be emptied into a container, check if the yolk is round and prominent, and pay attention to whether the clear and the yolk are easily separated. All these aspects will determine an effective conservation process.

A very silent pathogenic disease that is found in the intestinal tract of animals and man. It is very common to be in the eggs when they do not go through the proper cleaning process after being collected. The important thing is to remember that raw eggs should not be eaten if we are not sure of their origin and cook the eggs with due attention because salmonella loses its infectious value after 65 ° C.

All the vitamin, nutritional, quality and conservation properties are not altered according to the color of the egg, that is, the shell does not determine the nutritive value of this food, so it is not possible to say if one has greater benefits than the other .

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