What Your Sleeping Position With a Partner Says About Your Relationship

Chances are that if you think about it, sometimes when you fight with your partner you often turn your back on sleeping or look for another position in the bed to avoid it. Likewise, you have probably noticed that when they have had a romantic day or things are very well between both, rest do with intertwined bodies and in the most welcoming way possible. According to specialists and psychologists in cognition and language, the position in which couples sleep says much of the moment they are going through, for although body language may vary, at the general level the position can be an emotional window Towards the situation that the couple lives at the time. Would you like to know what the positions in which you sleep with your partner say?
Backward, But Touching


Couples who used to sleep in this position reflect that they respect their individual space but without losing contact. They are dynamic, they manage their life independently but their relationship is stable and healthy. According to specialists, this position reflects trust between the couple without the need for the one to be in the presence of the other.

Back and apart

This position is an alert that something is wrong in the relationship. It is a necessity to keep distance and the desire to have greater freedom in the life of both. The lack of contact between the bodies in opposite directions may indicate that there was a strong dispute or that one of the two seeks total independence.

In this case, you have to enter to analyze the position very well, for example, if the hands are closed and the body tense, are signs that the couple does not want to communicate and even finds it unbearable the presence of the other. But if the body is loose, there is no tension in the relationship and this could indicate that there are trust and respect for each other’s space.

Facing the other, without touching

Sleeping in this position is a sign of wanting intimacy and that there is a desire to see the couple. Everyone knows how to respect their moments of intimacy, but they have a connection that prevents them from distancing themselves. Usually, these types of couples assume the routine and the daily problems easier.


The specialists agree that this position is a sign of desire and a very strong passion. It is very common when the relationship is beginning and usually occurs when both fall asleep after having intimacy. Being intertwined could reveal sexual desire, but according to experts, it is possible that the couple accustomed to this position suffer from jealousy.


According to specialists, the person who usually embraces tends to guide and protect the other person. The couple feels comfortable and secure on their side and it is possible that when they do not hug her while sleeping she feels unprotected. It is a position that reflects the perfect harmony between the couple. However, it can sometimes indicate that there is some insecurity in the relationship.


According to specialists in body language, this position reflects commitment, love, and affection between the couple. Overall it reflects that things are fine and the sex life is excellent. According to experts, sleeping with your head on the other person’s shoulder is an indication that the person feels quite sure of their partner.

The spacious and the reduced

This is not a good position for the couple, according to experts, the person who is roomy in bed shows no affection for their partner. Even this position reflects that the relationship is going through a difficult time, in which the person who occupies less space is suffering from low self-esteem and insecurity, while the one who occupies a lot of space still believes that the relationship is successful.

Each one in his space, but with the feet entwined

This position reflects that both love each other, but more attention must be paid to the relationship. According to specialists, it is a combination of love, passion, and differences in the relationship. Sleeping with intertwined feet is a symbol of commitment to each other and complicity between partners.


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