Tips To Eliminate Bad Odor In The Armpits

The first thing to know is that the bad smell in the armpits does not come precisely because of poor hygiene, because in many cases it is due to glandular or hormonal factors. This bad smell is often annoying and unpleasant both for the person who owns it and for those around it.


However, the most important thing is that that bad smell in the armpits can be treated naturally, so that you can perform some daily treatment to gradually reduce your sweating or even simply stop doing some things you did not even know Can cause bad smell. For this, today we bring you several general recommendations to avoid this uncomfortable situation.

Wash your armpits very well
This is more than logical, although many times you may wash very well but continue to sweat and smell bad, so it is essential that you thin your armpits with soap. There are some soaps that come with a lot of aromas and, instead of giving a good smell, makes you sweat faster and your smell is not good, so try to get a neutral soap.

Make sure there are no debris left
That is why it is necessary to wash your armpits very well, as they can be left with deodorant debris from the previous day or soap, this can cause fungi or bacteria. You can make a natural remedy to ensure after bath that your armpits are clean and odorless: mix vinegar with alcohol and apply after bath with a cloth, to give a better effect also at night.

Use bicarbonate

Bicarbonate is usually used to prevent bad odors. Wash your armpits very well as soon as you see that you are smelling, apply a little baking powder with a cotton, besides … There is no need for you to remove it! If it does not bother you, you can leave it on. Another efficient trick is to mix a tablespoon of baking soda with the liquid of a lemon and apply after the bath, its effects controlling the bad smell are well-known.

If the case is excessive sweating
Bad odor can come from different situations, and excessive sweating can be one of them. Prepares an infusion with thyme or rosemary leaves and applies to the armpits, this helps control hyperhidrosis – chronic sweating – affecting personal relationships and daily activities.

Aloe vera also controls excessive sweating, just apply a little of the gel you find inside, do it at night to achieve a greater effect. The idea is that this neutralizes the bad smell. The tomato can also help reduce excess sweat, apply a tomato juice under the armpits and leave it for a few minutes.

When choosing clothes …

This is one of the things we said that you probably did not know, there are some fabrics or colors that can make you sweat and bring out a bad smell. For example, if you already have a history of bad odors avoid wearing tight clothing, as these will prevent your skin to breathe properly, avoid using synthetic clothing, better look for that are made with natural fabrics. Also, the colors also play an important factor, for example, black despite making you look thinner can also make you sweat more than normal.

Eat Well
Although not usually taken into account, food also has a lot to do with the bad smell in the armpits. For example, if you eat too often or excessively onion, garlic, coffee, and alcoholic beverages, the smell of your sweat is going to be much stronger, however, if you eat more fruits and vegetables, the bad smell will be diminishing. The same happens with the cigarette since it destroys the skin and impels the organism to produce bad smells.

Shave your armpits
Apart from being very unpleasant an armpit with hairs, it can also be the cause of the bad smell, since if you do not shave there, the fungi and bacteria pose, one of the main causes of bad smell.

Use an antiperspirant instead of deodorant

It turns out that deodorants only cover the bad odor of the skin, but it really does not combat excessive sweating. In contrast, the anti-perspirant controls the excess sweat and bad smell.

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