Throw This All Over Your House With A Sprinkler And You Will Never See A Spider Or Cockroach Near You

Pests are one of the biggest problems we can have in our home. As we know, spiders, cockroaches, mice and other invaders can take over our home.

Especially if we have a large house with a large patio, we may have this problem. So there is no way we can deal with it. There are many products on the market that promise to stop pests.

However, these are only damaging our health. But you do not have to give up, there are homemade methods much more effective. Next, we will be talking about some of them that will be very useful to you.

Deep clean your house

The most effective and powerful method to combat any type of pest is cleaning. No matter if it is spiders, cockroaches, mice or any other plague, they will all disappear. Remember that what attracts you are the leftover food or things that you no longer use and have stored. That’s why we encourage you to clean your house every so often, eliminating what you no longer use. In addition to keeping the house free of pests, you will be surprised to see all the free space you will have.

However, you should not only focus on the interior of your home, but also on the exterior. If you have a lawn, remember to rake it after pruning it. You should also collect the leaves and sticks that are on the ground for better results. If you live in an apartment, do not neglect the windows and the balcony.

White vinegar

Vinegar is also a key product in keeping pests away from home. Due to its strong and spicy smell, it serves to repel spiders, ants, and mosquitoes. To prepare this repellent, you only need a spray bottle; Mix 1 part of vinegar with 2 of water. Then we shake the bottle and spray the substance on the windows, doors, and vents. In this way, we will be blocking insect inflows into the home.

Mint Essential Oil

Another smell that spiders hate is the smell of mint. To make a repellent with this substance, you must fill a spray bottle with water. Next, add a stream of liquid cleanser and 8 drops of mint essential oil. Before using the mixture, make sure it smells good enough to mint. The application is the same as when we use vinegar.


If you hate finding spiders every time you look for your clothes in the closet, cedar is the best choice. Experts recommend using cedar hangers to hook clothes. In this way, we not only avoid the spiders, but also avoid the moth.

Citrus fruits

Citrus are also another of the things that spiders and other insects hate. To take advantage of them, simply use a lemon or orange peel and rub it on the windows. Also, we can do the same at the gate and other areas prone to pests.


This is a dried fruit that has been used for years in the UK in order to combat spiders. What happens is that the chestnut has a fragrant chemical that repels spiders. To take advantage of it, we must only put some in certain places of the home and ready.

If you feel phobia about spiders and want to eliminate them from your home, you know what you can do for them. Just use any of these natural methods to get phenomenal results. With that, your home will be free of pests, especially annoying spiders. Try these tips and tell us how you did when you did. Do not forget to share this article on your social networks.


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