Three Fingers Of The Hand And What They Say About Us.

Who we really are and how to establish it: someone can tell us after a first look at the fingers of our hand.
Are they straight or crooked? Once you have identified the form, you will be able to know something about your personality.

Straight Day

If there are no curvatures in the line of your fingers, you are independent and you do not like sharing what you really feel with the world. You are strong and resolute, but you are very emotional. Often you are sad, but few people around you are aware of it. You are also very honest, friendly and open people to collaborate.

Thick fingers

If your fingers are particularly elongated, you are a loyal person. When you fall in love, you take care of the partner and dedicate to your loved one all of your attentions. You are also very creative. You are still scared to be injured.

Fingers fingering

Do your fingers follow a tortuous line? Then when you get angry you can not be long gone. The risk and the things you do not know frighten you, even if they intrude you. You have much respect for the opinions of those around you and consider them. You are very empathic and you prefer to think twice about before you say what you think about a friend or colleague. It is very important for you to not hurt the feelings of others.

Take a look at your fingers and see if these descriptions apply, of course, you do the same with people you know. In a moment you can know who you are in front of!


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