This Smoothie Will Cure Diabetes And Help You Lose 11 kg. In Only 25 Days!

Four years ago a young man discovered that he suffered from diabetes and hypertension by accident. He had been feeling thirsty all the time and decided to see a doctor for a routine examination. His blood test results left him speechless.

Her blood sugar rose to 29; His pancreas was dysfunctional and he had no choice but to initiate insulin therapy. Although he was taking his therapy regularly and was physically active, his condition did not improve.

In fact, it was only getting worse. His blood pressure was very high, and his triglyceride levels reached 16. Worst of all, the amount of medication he had to take daily was enormous. After this he decided to fight his condition by turning to a raw diet.

The first thing he did was buy a blender. Although the first week was a real challenge, he pulled it off. He was determined to succeed and shortly after introducing raw fruits and vegetables into his diet, his blood sugar dropped to 5.

At that moment he decided to stop his insulin therapy. He still planned to have it as an alternative in case his blood sugar levels soared again. But, fortunately, his diet was working great. He began to lose weight, and in 25 days of his raw diet, he managed to lose 11 kilos.

Four months later he was a completely different person. She no longer needed insulin, her blood pressure returned to normal (120/70), her triglycerides dropped to 1.4. Today, he has a healthy weight and lives without medication.

The recipe we offer here is in the list of your favorites. It provides numerous health benefits due to the wide range of nutrients it contains.

Natural recipe to treat diabetes


• 5 kiwis

• 1 handful of kale

• 2 apples

• 2 bananas

• ½ liter of water

The method of preparation and consumption:

Mix all the ingredients in the blender until you get a light drink, but do not drink the whole amount. Start by drinking half a liter in the morning and the rest throughout the day.

Whenever you feel like one more size, simply eat some fruit, a fruit salad or tuna. Tuna is a great choice as it increases vitamin B12 levels, and this vitamin is essential for proper bodily function.

One of the greatest health benefits of this diet regime is that you will never feel hungry.
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