This is What Happens When You Apply an Aspirin Hair Treatment

Aspirin is the most commonly used remedy today that people take to relieve pain, these include a headache, toothache, and period pain, as well as to treat the different symptoms of cold and flu and reduce fever.

But aspirin and its properties have many other benefits. It is very simple to get it and its cost is not high. In this article, I present different uses that you can give in your daily life.

Aspirin is abundant in salicylic acid making it extremely effective in fighting dandruff. In addition, aspirin helps to exfoliate scales that also form on the scalp. Just crush 3 aspirins and mix them with your shampoo. Apply the mixture to the scalp and massage for about 5 minutes. Rinse as usual.

The content of salicylic acid improves skin by removing dead cells and excess sebum from the skin. It is beneficial for psoriasis and acne because it unclogs the pores and decreases swelling and redness. Just crush 5 pills and add them to a cup of water. Mix everything well and then apply the mixture on the skin for 10 min, clean well.
Sweat stains can be so difficult to remove that even after many washes and we can not do much about it. To remove them just crush some aspirin and some water. Then apply the paste on the stain and let it act for 15-20 minutes. Now he washes clothes as usual.

Sometimes our car does not start, do not despair. Just add some crushed aspirin tablets directly on the battery. Aspirin can actually work miracles for dead car batteries because salicylic acid works with sulfuric acid on the battery helping your car get enough momentum to reach its destination.

It helps us to reverse the hair dye, sometimes the hair dyes do not usually give us the results they claim to have. If you used one and your hair is different from the advertised, either darker or clearer, with this simple method of aspirin will help your hair to regain the original color. You will only need some aspirin pills and a shampoo of your choice.

How to remove the dye:

To begin, crush the tablets with a spoon. Add them to the shampoo. Now you should apply the mixture when you bath with wet hair, remember to cover all the hair. Let the blend effect and wrap your hair in plastic. After 45 minutes wash very well and apply a little conditioner. You must do the process once a day for the next two days.
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