This Is What Happens To Your Brain, Heart, AND Waistline When You Eat 2 Bananas A DAY!

Banana, also known as banana or banana, is a fruit with enormous health benefits; However, many of its benefits are actually unknown to most people.

Mature banana helps us to increase the number of leukocytes and to strengthen the immune system. In addition, it improves our cardiovascular health and favors the absorption of calcium.

Today we will show you what happens in your body just by consuming two bananas a day.

Two bananas a day to maintain the health of your brain and heart
According to studies conducted by British and Italian researchers, when we consume two bananas a day, one at breakfast and one at lunch, we give our body enough potassium to reduce the risk of blood clotting in the brain in a 21 %.

Another research, conducted in 2011, also points to a reduction in stroke cases by increasing potassium intake by eating foods such as bananas, spinach, fish, and lentils.

Here’s what happens in your entire body when you eat two bananas a day:
Bananas have numerous benefits for the body and brain!

1. They increase the power of the brain.

Potassium in bananas helps the circulatory system carry oxygen to the brain. They tested in a British school that students who eat bananas at breakfast, lunch, and dinner are more receptive, alert and perform better examinations.

2. Reduce risk of high blood pressure and heart disease

It is also thanks to potassium, which improves cardiac and nervous system function

3. Reduce depression and improve mood.

The result of tryptophan acids, which also help reduce stress.

4. Regulate the intestinal system

The richness of its fibers ensures an optimal intestinal function. To avoid constipation eat a banana a day.

5. Promote bone health.

Bananas contain probiotic bacteria that improve digestive ability and aid in the absorption of calcium.

6. Help reduce menstrual pain

Vitamin B6 in bananas helps to regulate the level of blood glucose. It also improves mood and menstrual cramps.

7. They relieve anemia.

Bananas are rich in iron, so they help form hemoglobin. Good hemoglobin levels are exactly what is needed to beat the anemic conditions.

8. Help stop smoking

Minerals that contain bananas (potassium, iron, vitamins B6 and B12) help reduce nicotine levels in the body.

9. Give energy

Bananas are a favorite of athletes because they give quick energy, are easy to digest and contain few fats. This makes them a good snack before training and helps eliminate fatigue after exercise.


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