This Is The Best Way to DYE All-Natural Hair

Gray hair, synonymous with old age for most of the world. Always looking for the best way to keep our hair color natural. This problem is significantly more important for women. The color of the hair affects their appearance making them look older, but today men also care about their hair color and tend to achieve a more youthful appearance by dyeing it.

In the market, you can find a great number of different hair colors, from the traditional ones: brown, black and blond. But these dyes are filled with chemicals that can damage the scalp or the hair itself.

They can cause hair loss if used excessively. Often allergies and irritation or breakage of the hair can occur. Not only do they have an irritating effect, but some of these chemicals have been shown to have carcinogenic properties.

Since long ago, people have dyed hair with natural ingredients, obtained from plants. Among the most famous are Indigo, Senna, henna, turmeric.
We will teach you how to dye your hair and get the best possible result, using ingredients that are totally natural and are absolutely safe for your hair, scalp and body in general. This hair dye is easy to make and is with the ingredients we all have in our homes.

Recipe to dye your hair

You will need to:

• 5 cloves
• 1/3 cup with walnuts
• 1 tablespoon black tea
• 2 cups and a half of distilled water

How to prepare it:

To start boiling the water in a pot on low heat, add the other ingredients immediately, let them stand for 20 minutes. As time goes by, remove the pot from the fire and wait for it to cool, to finish draining the remaining water.

The method of application:

You should apply the dye when you bathe, use it as if it were your shampoo or conditioner, remember to use it after washing your hair. After letting it act for 15 minutes, thoroughly clean your hair thoroughly with water, and you can repeat 2 times a week.
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