The Most Effective Ways to Naturally Get Rid of Clogged Ears

Dipping in a pool, strong wind or excessive production of wax are some of the causes of plugging in the ear canal.

Undoubtedly it is a feeling more than annoying and disabling that we do not want anyone.

So in this article, we tell you what are the best remedies to uncover the ears in a natural way.
Homemade Recipes for Basting the Ears
Those who have had their ears plugged can sometimes claim that it is a horrible nuisance and that, in many cases, causes unbearable pain.

If you currently suffer from this problem or it is usual for you to happen we recommend the following remedies:

1. Olive oil
This recipe is useful if you have accumulated wax inside the ear (which can not be removed as easily because it has formed a kind of stopper).

The hot olive oil serves to soften the earwax and remove it in a matter of minutes.

All you have to do is heat some drops of oil and place it through a dropper in the affected ear.

• Turn head toward opposite shoulder and hold a posture for 10 minutes.
• Then take it to the other side.
• Put a cloth on the shoulder so you do not get dirty.

2. Steam bath

If you suffer from clogging of the ears and nasal congestion due to sinusitis or cold you can take advantage of this technique.

This will remove the mucus and the ear canal will have less pressure. You can, for example, give yourself a hot shower or make steam inhalations.

• For the latter put water and a few leaves of eucalyptus or mint in a saucepan.
• Warm up and when it boils bring the head close.
• Cover the neck with a towel.
• Breathe as often as you can until your nose and ears have cleared.

3. Hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is a must-have element in our first-aid kit. In addition to serving in cases of wounds or cuts is also perfect to remove wax from the ears.

• ½ cup hydrogen peroxide (125 ml)
• ½ cup water (125 ml)

• He filled the water and mixed it in a bowl with the peroxide.
• Pour on an eyedropper and slowly drop into the affected ear.
• Lie on your side so the covered ear is exposed.
• Allow at least 15 minutes before placing the head straight.

4. Apple cider vinegar

This ingredient used in gastronomy also serves to destroy bacterial infections that may be covering the ears.

To increase its effectiveness we recommend that you combine it with alcohol vinegar.

• ¼ cup apple cider vinegar (62 ml)
• ¼ cup alcohol vinegar (62 ml)

• Place both bottles of vinegar in a bowl and mix well.
• Dump into a dropper and drop a few drops into the plugged ear.
• Lie on the opposite side and place a cotton ball on the ear.
• Rest 10 minutes and straighten the head.
• Remove the cotton.

5. Hot compress
A home remedy widely used by our grandmothers and has more than interesting results if the ears are covered because of the accumulated wax. The warmth of the compress will soften the earwax.

• The only thing you should do is warm a compress (for example those that carry water inside) and apply on the affected ear until it cools.
• Another option is to put a wet towel with warm water.

6. Chamomile infusion

This well-known plant of white and yellow flowers can help you if your ears are clogged assiduously. To apply you can use a dropper or a syringe.

• 1 cup water (250 ml)
• 1 handful of chamomile flowers
• ½ tablespoon olive oil (7 g)

• Heat the water and when the boil breaks add the chamomile.
• Cook for 5 minutes and remove from the heat.
• Cover to work for 10 minutes and filter.
• With a dropper, pour the olive oil into the ear.
• Allow 5 minutes to pass, and when the infusion is at room temperature, rinse the ear.

7. Hot water
As simple as pouring water with a syringe into the plugged ear.

Of course, we must be careful of the temperature of the liquid so we do not burn. It would be good if it were as hot as possible to melt the accumulated wax.

• To make it easier, use a syringe. In this way the water will forcefully enter and dislodge the earwax.
• Tilt head to the opposite side and after 10 minutes turn right.

8. Chewing gum
If one or both ears are covered by height or pressure (for example, when traveling by plane) a great way to return to normal is to eat chewing gum or a candy that requires chewing.

Above all, we recommend this technique during take-off and landing.

Finally, a method that can also serve you if the tamponade is due to pressure: yawning.

Open your mouth as much as you can and hold in that posture for a few seconds. This will activate the muscles of the Eustachian Tubes and you will hear good again.

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