The Great Properties of Mamey On The Human Body

The mamey is perhaps a food that not many know, and do not take it often. But the truth is that the nutritional properties of mamey are fantastic as well as all the benefits it can bring to our body.

The mamey has a high content of vitamin A, fundamental in the formation and maintenance of the skin, the hair and the membranes of the mucous membranes. Among its benefits are that it promotes bone growth, and helps to have a healthy sight.

The nutritional properties of mamey can be very useful for our body, and the advantage is that it can be taken in the form of juice or cocktail while maintaining all its properties and benefits.

Benefits and Properties of Mamey
As we said before, the benefits of mamey for our body are several, and so you will be able to check below:

1- Regulation of blood pressure:
Sodium is a mineral that keeps our blood pressure stable. The mamey does not contain much but will help to relax it a little, reducing it.

2- Antibiotic Properties:
Studies say it can be used as an antibiotic, however, not everyone tolerates it. It is good for those people who are weak and convalescent because it gives them energy.

3- Good for vision:
A nutritional property of mamey is its incredible amount of vitamin A content. What does that mean? Vitamin A is used by our vision to cope with everyday life, which strengthens and prevents it from deteriorating when we spend a lot of time in front of a computer, studying … and also prevents possible eye problems such as cataracts or delays Loss of vision.

4- Great to take care of the skin:
By themselves, Vitamin A and C already take care of our skin. But the combination of both is a great team, since A is concerned with the rejuvenation of cells, while the C what it does is help the damaged cells to regenerate. It is not something that makes us rejuvenate as many claim, but if the aging process slows down.

5- Moisturizing property:
It is a product widely used to make creams since its content in vitamin A and C has moisturizing properties, which serves to prevent our skin from drying out.

6- Perfect for hair growth:
Another of mamey’s properties is that it can help to grow hair and keep it strong. This is thanks to Vitamin A, making hair growth thin and silky Others ensure that certain postings made with the mamey serve to grow the eyelashes.

7- Fixing false teeth:
The resin that can be extracted from the mamey can be used to fix false teeth.

8- Generate new proteins:
The greatest benefit of mamey is its high potassium content. This mineral that deals, among other things, is the manufacture of new proteins for our body. These proteins are absorbed by our body to different parts of our body.

9- Perfect for digestion:
We said at the beginning of this article that one of the main nutritional properties of mamey is its fiber content. What does this mean? It means that it is very good for regulating intestinal transit and fighting digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation or intestinal swelling.

Varieties of the Mamey
As with other foods, there are varieties of mamey, the best known being these two:

• Mamey Cartagena: It is distinguished by the color of the foot that is grayish brown, having a rough and corky touch. The pull is light yellow, sometimes orange. Its aroma is very strong, but its flavor is very sweet.
• Mamey colorado: What coincides with the previous one is that it has a brown color, but in this case with a reddish tone. Its bark is very thick, and to the touch, it remembers how to be touching a pile of firewood. The color of the pulp depends on whether the fruit is ripe or not, it is salmon or red-brown.

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