Take A Spoonful Of Rice And Burn It. What Happens Next Might Make You Shake Your Head.

China remains the world’s largest producer of rice. They are over 200 million tons per year, and a good deal is exported all over the world. But we must be very careful not only in Chinese agriculture, but unreported pesticides are being used, but rice is also artificially reported. Potato starch is mixed with plastic (synthetic resins, for example) and then produced in the form of grains and flavored with “rice flavor”. Doctors strongly advise against consuming this product: three portions would contain the same amount of plastic contained in a small envelope. Shocking.

With these simple tricks you can test whether the rice is healthy and free of plastic:

The water test

Pour a tablespoon of raw rice into a glass of cold water and mix vigorously. If the rice stays on the bottom, there is no problem, but if the grains float on the surface, be careful!

The fire test

Try to fire a little rice with a match or a lighter. If it starts to burn immediately and has a plastic smell, you know what to do: do not eat it!

The mortar and pestle test

If you try to break some rice grain into a mortar with pestle, you should be able to cut them into a thin, white powder (the color of the starch), but the plastic rice has yellow notes instead.

The mold test

If you want to be sure that the rice you eat is healthy, put a small amount in a vacuum container and leave it in a warm place. If in a few days the mold is not formed, it is a plastic rice.

By following these steps you will be sure not to ingest rice that harms your health. Turn information even between friends and relatives, to avoid lunches and dinners in plastic!

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