See How To Use Coconut Water With Lemon To Grow Hair Per Heap And Stop The Fall

The hair is one of the parts of the female body that receives the most attention, after the intimate area. This is clearly noticeable by the amount of hours that many invest in beauty salons.

However, many of the products they use for hair treatment, have very strong chemicals. These cause the hair to begin to fall or to fall from the root. But then we will tell you how to combat hair loss with coconut water and lemon.


Benefits of coconut water

Coconut water has moisturizing and repairing properties. When these properties are assimilated by the hair, it promotes healthy and shiny growth. In addition, its high content of vitamins and minerals combat the dryness and strengthens the strands of hair, which stops its fall.

Among its most beneficial components are fatty acids and proteins. Both are able to improve the circulation in the scalp and prevent the follicles from breaking. Coconut water also has antifungal and antibacterial properties. They are essential to combat dandruff and other infections of the scalp.

Benefit of lemon

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and antioxidant properties. If we know how to take advantage, we can use it to regulate collagen levels. As a result, we will make the hair strands born strong and healthy.

Lemon is also rich in folic acid and B-complex vitamins. This help protect the hair roots and strengthen it to prevent it from falling. By applying it on our hair, we will be promoting its healthy growth.

Since the lemon has a cleansing action by nature, it removes impurities from the scalp. This also improves the processes of oxygenation and transport of the nutrients in the scalp. It also has antifungal and antimicrobial substances. Both stop the growth of fungi, dandruff, and other hair disorders.

Capillary treatment of coconut and lemon water

Preparing a capillary treatment based on lemon and coconut water is very simple. In addition, if we compare it with commercial products, the results of this are much better. Such treatment can be used by anyone, regardless of their hair type. Here’s how to prepare it.

What we will need:

  • Coconut water (1 cup).
  • Lemon juice (1 unit).

Preparation and use:


Preparing this remedy is much simpler than you might be imagining. All you need to do is mix both ingredients in 1 bowl. When we get a homogenous substance, we apply it on our hair. But first, we need to take a comb and untangle it.

Once untangled, we will separate the hair in different strands and spray the substance from the root to the tip. With the yolk of the fingers we must go doing a gentle massage so that the hair absorbs the nutrients.

This process will repeat with all other tufts and let the substance act for 40 minutes. Exhausted that time, we will rinse the hair with abundant water as usual. This process should be repeated 2 or 3 times a week. That will be enough to prevent and prevent hair loss.


It is true that this natural remedy fights hair loss. However, for better results it should be complemented by a healthy diet. Something that will help us is to consume foods rich in antioxidants and amino acids. In addition, it is recommended to avoid the use of chemical or heat treatments while this treatment is being followed.

If you take the advice and the natural remedy that we have shared with you, you will not have problems with hair loss again. In a matter of days you will begin to see how your hair grows healthy and strong, with an incomparable shine. If you want your friends to take advantage of this simple remedy, share this article with them.


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