See How To Remove Almost All Belly Fat In A Single Night With This Emergency Diet

The so-called “emergency diet” is a plan with incredibly rapid efficacy. It is ideal for people who have little time for regular training, and is especially suitable for those who are going to have an important event.

But in a very short time they must eliminate those extra kilos. The thing is, this diet plan can help you leave several pounds of fat accumulated in the belly in a single night.

What makes this diet so effective is that apart from removing those extra pounds, it also burns belly fat thus flattening the stomach. As a plus, it detoxifies your body and cleans your blood in just 24 hours.

But, the best part of this is that the diet plan is only based on juices, smoothies and teas, all of which help you to remove wastes from your body much faster.

Emergency diet plan

• 08:00 hrs – drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice

• 10:00 a.m. – drink a glass of water with orange juice

• 12:00 hrs – have a cup of green tea

• 1:00 PM – Drink a glass of cold water with carrot juice

• 15:00 hrs – drink a cup of tea of your choice

• 17:00 hrs – drink a glass of natural juice of your choice

• 19:00 hrs – drink another cup of green tea

• 21:00 hrs – drink a glass of water with grapefruit juice (grapefruit)

• 22:00 hrs – finish the plan with a glass of warm water with lemon juice

Important: Make sure you do not add artificial sweeteners to any of the drinks as it is the crucial part of the diet.

If you want to get into your favorite dress in only 24 hours, this diet plan is just what you need. As an added benefit, you will get to thoroughly cleanse your entire body of toxins and feel with much more energy.

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