Scientific-Home Method to Remove Papilloma And Warts Easily From Your Skin

Most people have ever had skin or warts papillomas. Both are more common than we can imagine. These are harmless and can go almost anywhere.

The difference between one and the other is that one of them is contagious and the other is not. Next we will talk about several methods to eliminate them, but before, speak about each one of them.


Cutaneous papillomas are small masses of flesh, soft and of the same color of the skin. These are adhered to the skin by a part of the tissue known as stem. One myth that we must deny is that these arise because of skin cancer or they then turn into cancer. This is a gross lie. What is certain is that we can inherit them and are not contagious.

As for the wart, these are contagious, so we must be careful. These are small bumps that usually appear on the face, hands, armpits and genitals. Its appearance is usually due to the human papillomavirus and its size may vary. Your infection can be caused by an injury that we have on the skin. If one appears to us, it is best to go to the nearest doctor. Below we will leave you several ways to eliminate both the papilloma and the wart.

Tea Tree Oil

This oil takes decades to feel used to treat different ailments. In this case, we want to show you how to use it to remove warts and papillomas. To do this, you must moisten some cotton with several drops of this oil. Then we will rub it gently on the affected area until all the moisture has disappeared. Repeating this process 2 times a day will eliminate any bumps.

Castor oil and bicarbonate paste

This oil is a real wonder for almost all circumstances. It is true that it is quite bitter, but has many medicinal properties. Even, many use it as the perfect ally to grow hair. But when mixed with bicarbonate, we will create an extremely powerful paste to eliminate warts and papillomas. We should only mix both ingredients and apply it on the affected area. In just 2-4 weeks the protuberance will be gone completely.

Apple cider vinegar

Vinegar is also another very good product to eliminate both warts and papilloma. We should only soak a piece of cotton with vinegar and rub it on the wart or papilloma. If you repeat this process daily, 2 times a day in about 2-4 weeks will have disappeared the problem.

Aloe vera

Needless to say, aloe vera or aloe vera are extremely useful for skin care. That is why we can use it perfectly to combat any of the aforementioned evils. We only apply its gel on the warts or papilloma every day and we do not remove it until the following day. That will be enough to end this problem.


Garlic is known to be present in most dishes and to have many beneficial properties. But one that few know is their ability to burn the skin and eliminate any bumps. To take advantage of this property, we must wash our face deeply with water and neutral soap.

After that, we should chop the garlic into slices and paste it on the wart or papilloma with the help of a vendita. Another option would be to grind the garlic well and then hold it on the wart with a bandage. So you must stay for several hours in the day. After several days, you will notice how the protuberance disappears.


Ginger has antiviral and antioxidant properties. Both help us fight any virus, including human papillomavirus (HPV). This is also able to remove warts very effectively. For them, we should scratch the ginger and boil the scratch in a little water to create a tea. Now, let the substance cool down and take it every day. We can also create a paste of ginger and use it topically or anoint it on the skin.

With these remedies, you no longer have excuses to suffer from warts or papilloma. We assure you that if you put into practice the suggestions we have shared with you, you will no longer have these problems. If you think this information might interest your friends, share it on your social networks.

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