Do The Reducing Belts Work To Reduce The Waist?

Many people look for ways to reduce the waistline from creams, foods, therapies and remedies. Although they have heard of reducing belts, they are not clear what they are for and how they should be worn.

Discover in this article how you can reduce the waist and improve your silhouette with the appropriate reduction belt and some very effective tips.

What are reducing bands?

As its name suggests, reducing strips help us to reduce the waist progressively, by compressing the abdominal area.

There are two types of reducing belts with different functions:

  • By the use of materials that promote sweating and, therefore, the loss of liquids that accumulate in this area.
    When removing it we will be able to observe the amount of water that we have lost.
  • At the level of molding, giving the desired shape thanks to the progressive pressure that is realized with the help of brackets or another type of closure to different widths.
    In this way we can tighten the belt as we lose inches.

Which one do I choose?
It is important to know the differences between these strips to decide which is the one that suits us best:

The sweat-enhancing girdle is best suited for those people who are usually retained by fluid in different parts of the body and who can therefore see changes in the volume of the belly.
It is also ideal for people who perform cardiovascular exercise and want to take the effort to sweat more in the waist area.

The progressive reduction belts work rather to give the desired shape to our belly. Although they do not remove fat, it is true that they can be molded.
It is also the best choice for women who have gained too much abdominal musculature and want to tune their waist.

We recommend always opt for good quality girdles, made with suitable fabrics to be in contact with our skin for several hours a day. Otherwise we run the risk of suffering allergic reactions.

The internationally recognized progressive reduction belts are those manufactured in Colombia.

Do all girdles work?

Not all girdles are designed to reduce waist.

In fact, a great majority of them are commercialized with the only objective of molding the figure during the time that we take them.

This is achieved by a slight pressure that will not prevent us from performing our routine activities.

There are molding belts of different sizes and adapted to different parts of the body (thighs, buttocks, belly and chest) that are promoted to wear under tight clothing and give a more slender and firm appearance for a while.

Although the reduction strips can also fulfill this function, it is possible that we are not comfortable to carry them always under the clothes.

Some may even be marked a bit if we wear tight clothing. For this reason, we can combine both types of girdles.

How do we use them?

It is very important to learn how to correctly use these reducer strips. Not only so that they fulfill our objective, but also so that they do not harm us:

  • We will always begin by doing a short test, for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Gradually we will increase the time of use, as we feel comfortable.
  • We will remove it immediately if we feel discomfort, discomfort or anxiety.
  • We will avoid using them while we are doing the digestion or at bedtime.
  • We do not recommend its use during the days of the menstruation.
  • Although we can use it while we are sitting, the most appropriate moment is when we are standing, doing tasks that do not require complicated poses or great efforts.

For example, to go and make some small purchases, while we do things around the house, etc.

Do they serve to improve the posture?
Many women claim that while wearing the reduction belt they also feel an improvement at the postural level, as it helps them to be more straight.

In fact, there are also special strips for spinal problems.

While it is true that girdles can help, we must not forget that it is essential to perform abdominal exercises on a regular basis.

Thus the abdomen will become a strong and natural support for our back.

Any method for narrowing the waistline should be accompanied by a balanced diet and exercise at least twice a week.

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