How To Reduce Belly With A Simple Exercise That Will Not Take Time Away

Reducing belly is one of the main goals of many people who start the year with good intentions.

There are even those who are thin but want to improve the appearance of their abdomen and refine the waist, both men and women.

In this article we offer you a simple exercise that you can do throughout the day and anywhere, without effort and without anyone noticing, to reduce belly progressively.

Reduce belly without abdominals

A few years ago, the advice to reduce belly consisted of doing sit-ups two or three times a week.

Today we know that it is not, since many have tried without achieving our goal.

In addition, in some cases we have found that abs, if not done properly, can cause back pain or discomfort.

The abdominals that are done correctly, without doing the force with the back, help us to harden the musculature of the abdomen, but they are not enough to reduce volume.

To achieve this we must take into account several factors.

Influential factors

When starting a plan to reduce abdomen and thinning the waist we must take into account these factors:

  • Digestive disorders: Some digestive pathologies such as constipation or chronic flatulence cause permanent abdominal swelling.
  • Poor posture: Improper body posture can make the appearance of our belly worse. Many people suffer from a weakness of the lumbar muscles that makes them “take out belly”.
  • Excessive consumption of harmful fats and sugars: People who daily consume unhealthy fats (fried foods, sausages, precooked food, ice cream, etc.) and sweets and sugars will have an accumulation of fat in the abdominal area, in addition to some health problems.
  • Eat More of the Count: People who eat more than they need.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: The sedentary lifestyle and the excess of hours that we spend seated contribute to increasing the perimeter of our belly.
  • Hormonal disorders: If we suffer hormonal irregularities, it is possible that we may have an accumulation of fat in some parts of the body despite being thin (for example, in the waist).

An Effective Exercise

The exercise that we propose in this article to reduce the belly and get a thin waist and a flat stomach is very simple.

In addition, it is a method that we can practice throughout the day, while we are sitting or do other activities.

We must always keep the abdomen in mind to do the following:

  • When we remember, we will breathe in normally, and when we draw the air, we will introduce the abdomen inwards.
  • We will keep it tight for a few seconds but not too hard. We should continue to breathe normally but not let go of the force, and we should even be able to speak.
  • It is important to do this by pushing your lower back slightly.
  • We will do it during the day, when we remember, trying to make it more and more often.
  • We will do it whenever we are making efforts or exercises in the gym, climbing stairs, picking up weights, etc.
  • We have to feel like the belly gets flat and even our waistline narrows.

This exercise helps us tone the abdomen and back without hurting us, so it is a very suitable exercise to get used to doing throughout the day.

Other tips

  • To improve digestion we will consume foods rich in fiber, such as prunes, oats and chia seeds.
    We will also drink plenty of water throughout the day, outside of meals.
  • If necessary in our case, we will perform postural re-education exercises to improve the health of our back.
  • We will increase the consumption of protein and healthy fats, and reduce carbohydrates to small amounts of whole grains.
  • We will aim to always eat 80%, that is, not fill us until we feel heavy or swollen. We can finish meals with digestive infusions instead of desserts rich in sugar or flour.
  • We should exercise at a medium intensity at least twice a week and avoid sitting for more than 45 minutes in a row.
  • It is also convenient as walking and climbing stairs often.
  • We can take some beneficial foods to regulate the hormones, such as maca, flax oil, chaste berry, sage, fennel or evening primrose oil.

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