Prepare This Mixture Of Beer And Egg With These Ingredients. It Makes Your Hair Grow Fast And Does Not Fall Any More.

It is a total reality that for women and for some people it can be worrying to see how their hair falls out. But if you pay attention to the following tips we will give you, it will be very useful for you. So I advise you to read the following article.

You should know that hair deserves continuous care. Do not treat it with affection: From time to time by the speed or by simple carelessness we treat our hair with aggressiveness. Since you want to have a healthy long hair, you need to take care of it. Try not to rub it too roughly when you are washing it, when you brush it or dry it.

With this recipe you can also avoid the problem of having dry hair: avoid damage to your hair if you keep it moisturized. And the best moisturizer is water, so we recommend using water based products. When applying the product you should make sure that your hair is properly moisturized and look at the tips for changes.

You are very hot: if you get too hot, your hair risks becoming brittle, so be careful when applying the product and avoid excessive heat. Beware of using the tools, either as a dryer and iron, as you can damage it.


-1/2 organic ripe banana.
“An egg yolk.”
-A spoonful of organic honey.
“Half a glass of beer.”

The method of preparation: The procedure is very simple. Mix all the ingredients until you get a homogenous paste, then use it in all places where you can notice the lack of hair. Let stand for at least two hours, then wash your hair regularly. You will notice that your hair is growing like crazy after a while and you intend to use this treatment often.

Fact of interest: CAUSE OF HAIR FALL
Hair loss can be due to different reasons; Physical stress, prolonged illness, major surgery, serious infection, hormonal change, side effects of medications, a medical condition such as lupus, syphilis, thyroid disease, a serious nutritional problem, alopecia areata, traumatic , etc

Some people even have a rare psychiatric disorder (trichotillomania) in which the hair is torn or compulsively twisted causing bald patches. There is also baldness due to hereditary patterns or androgenic alopecia. The cause of hair loss will be diagnosed based on your medical history, medicines you take, nutrition status, hairdressing habits, and a physical exam.

If your doctor suspects a yeast infection on the scalp, he or she will take a sample of hair for a lab test. If your doctor suspects it could be a disease or thyroid problem, iron deficiency, or hormonal imbalance, blood tests will probably be needed.

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