Pour These Ingredients Into The Toilet Tank And The Result Will Surprise You !!

Frankly, nobody likes to clean the bathroom. Sometimes we tend to leave some clutter. And there is nothing more unpleasant than cleaning the toilet.

However, a clean toilet keeps the whole house healthy so it is very important that your toilet is perfectly clean and smells fresh.

In addition, cleaning products are offered in the market, such as bleach and other products, which are full of dangerous chemicals, which can have serious effects on the lungs, skin and eyes.

However, there is a natural way to clean the bathroom and to be able to avoid these dangerous chemicals. All you need is white vinegar.

This good news is that you can prepare your own homemade toilet cleaner with which you can remove all germs, bacteria and also provide a fresh scent.

You can use vinegar alone or combine it with other ingredients, this alternative is very effective and economical and we can use it safely and clean all surfaces of the bathroom so that it can be extremely clean.

Cleaning tip to keep the toilet free of germs


Start with opening the toilet tank lid and pour enough vinegar into it, let it act for 20 minutes. In the meantime let’s take care of the edge of the toilet and clean it with vinegar too. Soak a little toilet paper with vinegar and place it on the inside edge of the toilet and leave it there for several minutes while pouring vinegar into the bowl and wipe it with a toilet brush then remove the toilet paper and brush the inside of the edge with a Old toothbrush before downloading. And ready you will have a toilet so clean it will look like new.

Mirror water stains, a dirty toilet and even a sloppy shower or bathtub will not put up any resistance against the incredible cleaning capabilities of white vinegar.

Do not wait any longer and start facing your bathroom. With this chemical-free trick.

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