Orange Diet to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

We know many of the properties that have orange, this citric full of vitamin C that prevents us from getting sick in winter, for example. But in addition, this delicious fruit has the ability to help us lose weight and feel much better. As if that were not enough, it is perfect for the summer! Find out more in the following article.
Why consume orange?
There are so many benefits of oranges that the lines do not reach us to detail them one by one. With a characteristic flavor, intermediate between acid and sweet, a scented aroma and a tone that attracts attention, orange is a fruit very well valued.

It could be said that it is of the most “consented” of the fruit kingdom (if there is a fruit kingdom) and this is due to several reasons. Not only because it is very rich, but because it brings a lot of benefits to our body.

Do you want to know what the main advantages of eating oranges? Here we present:

Cleans gums and tongue
Natural orange juice also helps prevent dry mouth, disinflame the gums (perfect if you have gingivitis), heal sores and have good oral health. You can also rub the inside of the fruit peel after brushing your teeth or applying the white part of the segments to heal the rashes.

Eliminates throat infections
Orange juice decongests toxic waste and bacteria that accumulate in the tonsils in particular and in the throat in general. It is not necessary to strain it, so that the pulp can wash the throat in its path.

Increase defenses
Sure this is the most well-known property of oranges. “Eat oranges like that you will not get sick,” your mother told you to the point of exhaustion. And he had (or is) quite right. This is due to the vitamin C provided by this fruit. You know, one juice or one orange a day keeps you away from the flu, cough, nasal congestion, and so on.

Purifies the intestines
Little by little, we are introducing ourselves in the main theme of this article, which is to lose weight consuming oranges. Well, one of the reasons why this citrus helps you lose weight is because it helps eliminate all the toxins and what accumulates in your intestines, avoiding constipation, for example. Be careful with the amounts, because you can cause the opposite effect and suffer from diarrhea. The important thing is to help remove the residue that “sticks” to the walls of the intestine.

Losing weight with the help of oranges
Now if we talk about what interests you, how to lose weight with the orange diet. You do not have to spend a month eating only this fruit, but do drink two liters of orange juice a day (one fasting and one in the afternoon). You always have to let half an hour for breakfast and do not drink the second serving at least until two hours after lunch or last intake.

Another vital aspect: the juice has to be freshly squeezed, so do not prepare it in the morning to drink in the afternoon or at the snack for the next day. With a good juicer it will take five minutes to have your liter of juice ready. Depending on the size of the fruit and the amount of juice each has, one liter is about 16/18 oranges. Take advantage of a promotion to buy many pounds! (So you do not have to go to the store every day). Never consume canned or bottled orange juice, as long as you are assured it is the most natural in the world.

And what else do I have to eat?
It’s not just about drinking orange juice, but also about eating a healthy and balanced diet, playing sports and maintaining good habits for your health. With regard to food, remember:

• Eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables.
• Do not forget the vegetables.
• It consumes nuts.
• Prefer flours and whole sugars.
• Do not eat sweets, desserts or pastries.
• Do not drink soft drinks, coffee, or alcoholic beverages.
• He prefers tea before coffee.

In relation to the exercise, try to comply with a routine of half an hour, two or three times a week. You can go for a walk, bike, jog, walk the dog, play with your children, dance, climb the stairs or swim. It is not necessary to enroll in an academy!

Finally, as for healthy habits, do not forget:

• Sleep 8 hours a day (followed)
• No Smoking
• Remove stress
• Practice meditation, yoga, taichi or whatever you want
• Reduce pressures and obligations

In addition to losing weight and feeling better, with this diet of orange juice you can:

• Clean the blood
• Improve liver work
• Have a more beautiful skin
• Dissolve stomach waste
• Heal stomach ulcers
• Prevent or cure infections
• Heal wounds
• Treating pancreatitis
• Improve the flowability of bile and pancreatic juice
• Fight constipation
• Improve Hemorrhoids
• Disinfect and purify the colon
• Remove mucus from the body
• Strengthen the immune system
• Strengthening the health of the kidneys
• Improve gland capacity
• Treating cysts, tumors, ulcerations
• Reduce inflammation of the bladder

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