One Week Detox Plan With Green Shakes To renew Yourself Inside And Out

Do you still not know what a detox plan is and its incredible health benefits? A detox or depurative plan is a cleansing of the body.

It is a purifying cure to eliminate toxins, renew ourselves inside and out to feel better and more energetic, as well as to improve our appearance and achieve a balanced and healthy weight.

Discover in this article how you can make a simple detox plan with the help of delicious and surprising green smoothies. Test it!

What is a detox plan?
A detox plan is a planning for a short period of time to focus on the elimination of toxins from our body through food and natural supplements.

There are many types of purifications: with juices, milkshakes, medicinal plants, superfoods, syrups, etc.

There are also many miracle diets that promise incredible results consuming only one food for a while.

Nevertheless, we consider that a detox plan must be healthy and nutritious, and be a complement to a balanced diet.

The results will be achieved gradually, without health risks or unnecessary sacrifices.

Health benefits
What can we get with this detox plan?

  • Eliminate toxins that accumulate in the body and predispose us to suffer diseases of all kinds.
  • Improve the function of internal organs such as liver and kidneys.
  • Balancing the digestive system and fighting intestinal disorders.
  • Get energy and vitality.
  • Fight nervous disorders such as anxiety, depression, stress, etc.
  • Prevent insomnia naturally and improve nighttime rest.
  • Raise the defenses against all types of pathogens.
  • Improve skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, etc.
  • Reduce the symptoms of chronic diseases.

The best beauty method
The positive results of our detox plan will also resonate externally, acting as the best beauty remedy for the skin, hair and nails.

So much for the nutrients that contribute us the green smoothies as for the toxins that we eliminate of our body, we will obtain:

  • Balancing the sebum on the skin and hair, with extra gloss and softness
  • Remove all types of impurities and acne

In addition, it is the best antioxidant remedy to prevent aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

The green smoothies

We should not be frightened by the color of these smoothies because, although the predominant pigment is green, its taste is sweet because of the combination of vegetables and fruits.

Those who test them are not only surprised in large measure by their delicious taste, but from the first day they can already notice its positive effects for health.

The amounts we present correspond to one day, so we must prepare it daily:

  • 1 bunch of raw green vegetables (200 g)
  • 2 pieces of fruit
  • 2 tablespoons oat flakes (24 g)
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin coconut oil (14 g)
  • 1 teaspoon wheatgrass powder (5 g)
  • 1 teaspoon spirulina powder (4 g)
  • 2 glasses of water (400 ml)

One week detox

To make the week of detox shakes we propose to go combining different vegetables and fruits.

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We started the week with one of the most classic shakes to introduce ourselves to the green smoothies: spinach and strawberries.

This shake is rich in iron, folic acid and vitamin C, making it excellent for combating and preventing anemia and tiredness.

Tuesday’s shake has a spicy and refreshing touch thanks to its two main ingredients: arugula and pineapple.

This shake is very depurative, improves the digestive function and elimination of liquids.

We arrived on Wednesday with a different and exotic shake: chard and mango.

This shake, rich in beta-carotene, is highly antioxidant, remineralizing and promotes bowel function.

For these shakes we can take advantage of some green leaves that we do not usually consume and combine them with fruits to improve their flavor: In this case we will mix leaves of radish and pear.

It is a very detoxifying shake that improves the function of the liver and kidneys.

The weekend is approaching and we need to strengthen the purification: watercress and apple.

It is an excellent combination to take care of the health of the liver.

On Saturday we propose a very nutritious shake: leaves of beet and avocado.

This smoothie contributes a lot of vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals.

Finish the week with a smoothie: canons and blueberries.

This shake helps prevent urine infections and improve eyesight.

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