Natural Remedies To Fight Dandruff

Undoubtedly, dandruff is one of the most common problems of the scalp, which is usually a very unpleasant condition. Although many people associate it with the lack of hygiene, the truth is that the elements that trigger it can be of different types: excess in the production of fat, stress, allergies and even fungi. That is why below we present some natural remedies to combat dandruff.

It is important to mention that these remedies do not work in all cases, because everything will depend on the type of dandruff we have. If she is the result of problems in the production of scalp fat, these remedies can work. However, in the case of dandruff produced by fungi, then we will have to consult a specialist who will presumably prescribe a pharmaceutical grade shampoo.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is a condition that is characterized by the formation, more or less excessive, of small flakes or crusts of dead skin of the scalp. This process is popularly known as desquamation. People suffering from dandruff have an abnormal production of such dead skin since, as we know, it is normal for cells to die and our skin to renew itself.

In addition to the detachment of small portions of skin, dandruff is also characterized by redness and itching on the scalp. The most common is that the dandruff is produced by a fungus, known as FM, or by seborrhea. On the contrary, dandruff is not actually caused by dryness, something that many people believe about it.


Celery is one of the most effective natural products to combat dandruff. In this case just enough to boil a liter of water and, just at the time of boiling, add two or three stalks of celery with everything and leaves. After this the water should continue to boil for about five more minutes. Finally, let it cool and apply on the scalp before using shampoo.


The lemon can also be used to combat dandruff. For this you must apply the equivalent of a fresh lemon juice on your scalp, approximately for two minutes, before you apply the shampoo. In this way, this fruit will have an astringent effect, preventing the appearance of dandruff and making your hair look great.


The roots of the beet, mainly the white one, are another magnificent option to fight naturally the dandruff. The roots should be boiled in water, more or less in a ratio of three to one. That is, add three times more water than the amount of beet. Finally, this water should be applied every night on the scalp, giving a light massage with the fingertips.

Apple vinegar

To avoid or counteract dandruff can also use apple cider vinegar. You just need to mix half a cup of vinegar with the same amount of water. This should be applied to the scalp after using the shampoo and conditioner and letting it act for no more than three minutes. Finally rinse it well.


Prepare a rinse with three teaspoons of dried thyme in a cup of water, which you should put to boil for about ten minutes. Then let it cool a little and apply it on the clean scalp. It is very important that you do not rinse and apply it every time you wash your hair.


Incredible as it may seem, the sun can be helpful in preventing or combating dandruff. Some experts suggest that exposing our scalp to the sun, for about 30 or 40 minutes a day, will help to reduce inflammation in case of desquamation due to dandruff. It is very important not to expose ourselves to the sun when it hits with all its force, which can be dangerous.

It is best to receive the sun’s rays during the morning or afternoon, after 4, moments when the strength of the sun has decreased considerably. We recommend you take a walk so that the sun does not cause you any serious problems.

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