My Mother Always had Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure, My Grandmother Give This and Goodbye Pills!

One of the most common problems in people is due to uncontrolled levels of certain elements of the body. What do we mean by this?

Because cholesterol is one of these elements that, if we do not pay attention, can be a factor that can cause many health problems and different diseases, such as high blood pressure.

Our body needs cholesterol for certain functions, this we call good cholesterol, but if these values get to uncontrol is when the problems begin and the bad cholesterol is created.

The main reasons that cause uncontrolled cholesterol levels are poor diet, overweight, obesity, the poor physical activity of the body and more. The most common way in which these problems are treated is through pharmaceutical medicines that help control the disease and restore uncontrolled levels.

However, several of these medications have side effects and follow the problems. In this article, we are going to present you a completely natural recipe so that you can treat the problem without side effects.

Natural Recipe for Bad Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure


• A piece of ginger (grated).
• A clove of garlic (grated).
• “A spoonful of apple cider vinegar.”
• “A teaspoon of honey.”
• A spoonful of lemon juice.


All you have to do is place all the ingredients you just read in a blender. Then you have to process them until you have a consistent and homogenous shake. Make sure all ingredients are well blended.

Store in the refrigerator for the next 5 days. Just by taking the remedy twice a day, one in the morning before breakfast and one in the afternoon before lunch, you can start enjoying the benefits. With this natural remedy, cholesterol levels will remain fully balanced.

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