My Joint Pain Was Reduced To 3 Weeks After Making These 3 Simple Changes

Elena is 60 years old and suffers from intense joint pain.

However, it is not something new in your life. Since the menopause stage, your bones and joints have lost strength and stamina a few years ago.

On the other hand, when he goes to the doctor does not know very well where to begin to explain how he has changed his quality of life: he hurts a knee, hips and especially the wrists and fingers.

She has better days and worse days, but what Elena complains about is the suffering that usually happens at night, and how her fingers get stuck, how her hands are inflamed and how it all affects her rest.

Elena could undoubtedly be the example of thousands of people.

However, this woman has decided not only to follow the guidelines of her doctors, but has initiated 3 very basic changes with which several things have happened.

The first is that your pain has dropped significantly, the second is that you have noticed an improvement in your overall health, and the third is that your joints are not as inflamed as before.

Would you like to know what changes Elena has made? Here are 3 very interesting keys.
1. Fifteen days to detoxify and purify the organism

We know that the term “detoxify” the body is fashionable and has many nuances.

It is, above all, a metaphorical idea where we try to transmit a very specific image: our body stores multiple waste substances that should be easily eliminated.
However, for whatever reason, you can not do it so efficiently.

These waste substances that we call “toxic” are mostly remnants of the food we eat and that, far from nourishing us, make us sick.
If we have become accustomed to a diet rich in saturated fats, foods with multiple preservatives, stabilizers, sweeteners, etc. It is common for the inflammation to intensify and with it the joint pain.
What can we do then? Elena has followed some very basic guidelines encouraged by her husband, who has also aimed to follow that same diet.

Keys to a cleansing diet
• Eliminate sugar from your diet.
• Consume natural grape to benefit from the contribution in potassium.
• Take artichokes 5 days a week.
• Pineapple is a fruit that can not be missed.
• Every morning he takes an infusion of horsetail with dandelion.
• It includes sprouts, such as soy or alfalfa, in your salads.
•Take yogurts with Bifidus.
• Consume integral pasta.
• Eat rye bread.
• Make sure your food is as natural as possible: do not consume anything processed, or frozen dishes, or white flour …

2. Hot water with lemon and a teaspoon of honey each morning

As we often explain in our space, lemon has multiple positive benefits in our body.

• However, our protagonist knows that, above all, this citrus is highly recommended to treat joint pain.
• It is a natural scrubber, it is very effective for removing uric acid, while it is a diuretic.
• It allows us to reduce inflammation.
• Also, the lemon helps to avoid concentrating those molecules that cause pain in our joints.
• If in addition to that lemon juice we add a glass of warm water with a little natural honey, we will enhance even more it is an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effect.
Do not hesitate to take this remedy every morning.

3. Yoga to relieve joint pain

When Elena’s joint pain became more severe, to the point of feeling like her knees were failing or her hips ached, she decided to follow a doctor’s recommendation and start swimming and yoga.

Swimming is therapeutic and relaxing, but yoga has an incredibly positive impact to reduce joint pain.

If we perform soft exercises and according to our needs and limitations, the first thing we will notice is a decrease in inflammation.

C-reactive protein (CRP) or interleukin-6 (IL-6) that are associated with inflammatory and autoimmune disorders usually subside as our body becomes used to the practice of yoga.
The idea is to go to a specialized center where we explain what exercises we can carry out and then spend at least one hour a day to meet a routine chart.
Little by little and day to day our body will react and suffer less joint pain.


To conclude, it should be remembered that joint-related diseases do not reverse, are not cured or have an effective treatment that stops pain 100%.

We can attenuate the symptomatology and enjoy much better our day to day, and this valuable advice will help you achieve it.


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