My Clothes Never Were So White and Fresh After Washing, but My Neighbor Told Me a Secret Trick

To achieve this simple trick, you only need to add 2 drops of this fantastic mixture, which you can prepare yourself at home. Everyone knows that food and wine stains on a white shirt are the hardest to remove.

But do not worry, as today we will recommend some tricks, which you should know to remove these terrible spots in an easy and fast. Making her clothes look more white and radiant.

On the other hand, the expensive products usually found in markets or shopping centers, as well as home mixes, can help to eliminate stains. But it is important to mention that chemicals are made from ingredients that are harmful to health.

So, here we offer you a solution for this type of problem, allowing you to effectively clean all the stains off your clothes, just by applying these simple and effective tricks. When you apply these tricks, you will never again be worried about those annoying and complicated spots.

Removes stains from clothing, making it whiter and cooler

Sodium bicarbonate

Prepare a mixture with 1 cup of baking soda and 4 liters of water and soak the laundry in it. A few minutes later, you can see the results, making your clothing return to its natural color.

Vinegar and lemon

This is a great mix to clean your clothes, all you have to do is add some vinegar and lemon juice to your usual detergent and then wash your clothes as usual. This blend is very effective for removing stains, even though it has a slightly strong odor.


Take a glass of water and add six crushed aspirin and then soak the garment in this mixture for about 30 minutes. Then you can wash your clothes with your usual detergent and you will be completely stain-free.

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