Masks With Passion Fruit For Skin And Hair

The fruit called passion fruit comes from the passionflower plant which is native to Central America and is currently very cultivated in Brazil, Colombia, Panama, among others.

This plant is a climbing vine, pubescent, up to 9 meters, with perennial root and axillary tendrils. The leaves are divided into 3 to 5 acute lobes, with the finely dentate margin. An original fruit

The flowers are aromatic, large and very beautiful; the corolla is composed of white petals surrounded by a beautiful triple crown of purple filaments about 5 cm in diameter; In addition, they are pedunculated. The flower is symbolically associated with the passion of Christ.

The passion fruit is a fleshy berry, the size of an egg, oval, orange-yellow, with edible pulp.

This fruit has procedures that make it stand out not only within the gastronomy, but also in the world of the beauty, since, in the last years, it has happened to be an important cosmetic ingredient in the big industries.

Below are the benefits offered by passion fruit for skin and hair.



The passion fruit helps maintain a soft and luminous skin, since its high content of vitamin C provides rejuvenating benefits and also strengthens and lightens the skin. Other benefits are:

* It has anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties.
* Helps control fat on the skin and hair.
* Provides a moisturizing effect.
* Revitalizes hair, brightens and helps with growth.
* Repairs the damage caused by the sun on the skin.
* Strengthens vision
* It is relaxing and helps fight insomnia which is one of the great enemies of beauty


Passionfruit masks

Natural passion fruit scrub With this ingredient you can carry out homemade exfoliations, since its seeds are great to eliminate impurities and dead cells. Cut the fruit and extract its pulp; After having cleansed your face, apply it massaging with circular movements, let it act for ten minutes, and remove.

Passionfruit mask for a smooth skin: Mix in a container, honey, passion fruit pulp and chamomile tea, place it in the area of your preference, and let it act for 15 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water and a neutral soap.

Passionfruit mask for capillary regeneration Beat the pulp in the blender. Apply to the damp scalp, massage for a few minutes and rinse. This mask repairs, eliminates dandruff and controls hair loss.

Passionfruit moisturizing oil It is extracted from seeds and, currently, it is used in beauty products, specifically for the care of the skin and hair. It is believed that it is a very nutritious oil, easy to absorb, and does not obstruct the pores.

Uses of this oil:
+ Can be applied directly on the skin after bathing.
+ It is excellent to moisturize after a day at the beach.
+ It works as a balm for body massages.
+ Treats areas of the body that are inflamed.

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