Lose Weight With Three Foods: lemon, Oats And Spirulina

The secret to losing weight in a healthy and gradual, and without having to go hungry, is to include in our daily menus some foods that thanks to our properties will help us to lose weight quickly.


The lemon
Lemon is an excellent food for weight loss and to maintain health. It acts in our body as a great depurative of toxic substances, helps us to digest and eliminate fats and to assimilate the nutrients better thanks to its high content in vitamin C. In addition, despite having an acidic taste, lemon has the property of Neutralize excess acidity once it reaches the stomach, that is, it actually acts as an alkalizing agent, which is a guarantee of good health.

How do we include it in our diet?

• Fasting: take the juice of half a lemon fasting with one or two glasses of water. This is also an ideal remedy to combat constipation.
• As a seasoning in our dishes, reducing the amount of salt and vinegar.
• Between meals: during the day we can drink water with lemon, slightly sweetened with stevia if we wish.

The oats
Oatmeal is a highly nutritious cereal but also very rich in fiber and other nutrients that help us feel satiated and fight the anxiety of eating sweets. That is why it is our favorite food especially for the mornings, we recommend an oatmeal breakfast. You can prepare it in the following ways:

• Oatmeal Drink: you can buy it or prepare it at home, and beat it along with fruits and nuts.
• Oatmeal cooked with oat drink: like rice pudding, but using exclusively oats. You can cook this cereal for a few minutes in your own drink, adding cinnamon and a pinch of ginger. Especially recommended for cold days, as it will bring us much energy and heat.
• Full breakfast: ideal not to be hungry in a few hours. We will mix 2 tablespoons of ground oats along with some fresh cheese, seeds, lemon juice, a handful of fruits and nuts and a spoonful of honey. We can also add some fresh fruit. Despite how nutritious this breakfast is, if you look at it, the ingredients are all healthy, so our body will assimilate everything and will not cause us to gain weight, but on the contrary.
• In vegetable creams: We can add a handful of oat flakes to our vegetable creams to give them creaminess and consistency, rather than using dairy or potato.

Spirulina is a freshwater alga considered a superfood thanks to its excellent nutritional support, as it is rich in proteins, enzymes, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, vitamins (A, B, E and H) and minerals (iron, calcium, Phosphorus, magnesium …). Superfoods are ideal in slimming diets because they provide us with many nutrients in a small amount, so we can reduce the rations a little, feeling equally satiated and without starving.

In addition to making us feel sated, spirulina also regulates our blood sugar levels and fights anxiety, which is what often makes us overeat.

In the case of spirulina we recommend to take it in tablets and always before the meals. If we wanted to get fat we would take it right after.

For people who do not dislike their taste, we also recommend that they try original recipes like those explained in this article.

As a summary, planning to lose weight with these foods would be as follows:

• Fasting: water with lemon juice
• Spirulina before breakfast
• Oatmeal Breakfast
• Water with lemon at midmorning
• Spirulina before the meal
• Food that includes a little oatmeal (optional)
• Water with lemon in the middle afternoon
• Spirulina before dinner (optional, since in some cases it may give too much energy)

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