Know the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Almost everyone loves to enjoy a rich salad with apple cider vinegar, but in addition it is important to know that this product is not only pleasing to taste, it also has great properties that benefit health.


The properties of cider vinegar

In addition to being a very appreciated product in gastronomy because of its excellent taste, it is wonderful to prevent some health problems and improve the functioning of the body in general. This product is acidic, for this reason it is excellent for cleaning and regenerating the body.

This food is composed of a good amount of nutritious substances, like vitamins, essential acids, enzymes, important amounts of pectins, cellulose and minerals; also contains much potassium and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, fluorine, boron and silicon.

The pectin found in abundant amounts in cider vinegar, is excellent for regulating the levels of sugar and cholesterol present in the body, cellulose is important to maintain the health of the intestine. Cider vinegar helps to renew mineral reserves on a constant basis.

If this vinegar is consumed daily calcium is supplied to the bones and potassium to the muscles, just as it stabilizes the overall metabolism of the whole body. Cider vinegar is also known as “the elixir of youth” because it has the ability to help the body stay young.

With apple vinegar we can improve the intestinal transit, avoiding this annoying constipation, regenerates the intestinal flora, eliminates the toxins and calms some rheumatic pains, it is diuretic also lends an important when we want to lose weight.

The habit of regularly consuming cider vinegar can be very beneficial for women who go through the menopause phase, since it acts to help control the hot flashes, sudden weakness and tiredness, nerves and stress, discomforts that are typical of this stage by which all women must pass, but fortunately with products like this, are much simpler to carry.

This vinegar can also kill colds, flu, mouth inflammations, sore throats, tooth decay and hypertension.

It is ideal for relieving headaches especially migraines, for this we add three tablespoons of vinegar to half a liter of boiling water and then inhale that steam; we can relieve muscle aches if we apply compresses to the affected part, just as we can use to cure urticaria, burns, eczema and sunstrokes, for the latter can apply water compresses with vinegar, but to room temperature or cold.

With all these benefits that cider vinegar has, we must take into account that it is a product that should never be lacking in our house, either to incorporate it into some foods like salads and some meats and enhance its flavor, or to perform the treatments that will help us to be in a better state of health for longer.

Apple cider vinegar is a natural product, therefore the benefits it brings to people who consume it are very important, so it is best to incorporate it into your menu as soon as possible, if you do not yet, so you can enjoy each and every one of its virtues both therapeutic and nutritious.

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