Kefir, Kiwi and Chia shake to Regulate the Intestine

Intestinal health is essential for a good quality of life and, in addition, it is related to the absorption of nutrients and the body’s natural defenses.

For this reason it is always convenient to regulate the bowel frequently and naturally, especially if we suffer some type of disorder.

Discover in this article how you can achieve it by taking a daily shake of kefir, kiwi and chia seeds, three ingredients very beneficial for a deep cleansing and respectful of the intestine.
Regulate the intestine to improve health

Nutritionists know that the intestine is the basis of health and that, however, most people suffer some type of disorder without knowing it or without giving it the importance it deserves.

Although our food is very healthy, if our intestine does not work properly we will not assimilate well the nutrients and, therefore, we may suffer nutritional deficits.

There are many factors that influence this organ, such as emotions, stress, overly refined food, etc. For this reason, we propose to clean and regulate the intestine with this delicious shake.

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A regulating shake
Milkshakes are a solution that is fashionable since they allow us to put together several ingredients with specific properties to improve different health problems.

Taking them becomes a simple and pleasurable healing therapy, for which we only need a blender or blender, and the desire to prepare it.

For this milkshake, we will use three medicinal foods that have the main property of regulating the intestine, whatever the disorder we suffer, or even if we are well but we want to do a routine intestinal cleaning.


Kefir is a milk drink fermented from the fungus that has this name. Although its description is not very attractive, this food is consumed in many cultures since ancient times, since it can be homemade and has many properties for health.

The natural fermentation of kefir is very beneficial to improve the intestinal bacterial flora. This fermentation is the one that gives a characteristic touch acid that increases according to the time that we leave it before consuming it.

It can be made with any type of milk, but it has to be an animal, since kefir, in order to grow and ferment the drink, must be fed with lactose, which is the sugar present in milk.

This also means that kefir has much less lactose than milk, so it is easier to digest.

We can prepare it at home if we get some of the kefir fungus, as it will grow progressively. If not, we can also buy it like any other yogurt.

It is one of the fruits more known to favor the intestinal transit without irritating the intestine, as many laxatives do. Many people fight constipation by eating fasting kiwi.

By incorporating the kiwi into this smoothie we will be adding a good dose of soluble fiber and vitamin C, which improve overall digestive health.

By consuming kiwi on a regular basis, the stools become softer and bulky.


Chia seeds have the virtue of regulating the intestine thanks to their content in soluble and insoluble fiber, and are highly recommended whether or not we suffer from constipation or diarrhea, or alternate states of one and the other.

We should leave the chia seeds to soak overnight. In the morning we will observe that the water has become a gelatinous mass, thanks to its content in mucilages, which are very beneficial for the whole digestive tract.


How do we make the smoothie?

• 1 glass of prepared kefir without the fungus (200 ml)
• 2 well-ripe kiwis
• 2 tablespoons chia (25 g), which we will soak in half a glass of water (100 ml) overnight.
• Some honey, cane or stevia (optional)

• We will beat all the ingredients well, and we will also include the water in which the seeds have been soaking.
• We will take this fasting shake, at least half an hour before eating anything else.
• We will take it for a week to notice its property of regulating the intestine.
• We can repeat it several times a year, when we need it.

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