Joint Pain Disappear, Especially Varicose Veins When You Use It For The First Time

Laurel is a very famous plant from the antiquity for what it represents. It crowned the winners of the competitions in ancient Greece. So it went from being a simple plant to being a symbol of triumph, greatness, and honor.

This tradition is preserved to this day, where some Olympic players are given a laurel wreath as part of their prize.

However, over the years, Bay leaves have been used in many other ways. A place where it has a wide acceptance is in the gastronomy. And is that the Laurel has the ability to give a unique aroma to red meat.

However, today we want to show you other users related to the world of medicine that we can give you. In this case, we will need oil prepared from bay leaves. It is able to stimulate the digestive system, eliminate joint aches, stress, and tension. But below we list many other benefits we receive from bay oil.

Benefits of Laurel Oil

As we have already mentioned, laurel oil promotes a number of health benefits. Among other things, it improves digestion, has a hepatoprotective effect, prevents acidity, intestinal spasms and inflammation. It alleviates the symptoms of flu, bronchitis, cough and other respiratory diseases.

In the same way, it improves circulation and prevents atherosclerosis. It also relieves rheumatic diseases, dislodges the joints and reduces pain. It also improves brain performance and stimulates memory. In another area, it regulates menstrual periods, combats water retention and eliminates toxins.

Another of the uses that can be given to the laurel oil is like antirheumatic, to reduce the inflammation and to relieve the pain. To make matters worse, it regenerates our hair and prevents the fall and baldness. Lastly, it is good to take care of the skin, eliminate fungus and infections, bumps, burns, acne ulcers and more.

What we will need:

• Bay leaves (15 units).
• Hermetic Bottle (1 unit).
• Olive oil (250 ml).

Preparation and use:

To begin, we must chop the bay leaves with the help of a mortar, knife or hands. Next, we will introduce them on the bottle and we will cover them completely with olive oil. Then seal the bottle tightly and put it in a cool, dry place. Then let it stand for 2 weeks so you can macerate and loosen its properties.

Exhausted the 2 weeks, our Laurel oil is ready to be used. All we have to do is paste it if we want and put it in another jar. This oil we can use it to rub it on the joints and relieve the pain in muscles and distentions.
Something that is also very good for this type of problems, is the Laurel infusion. However, it is contraindicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Neither should children under six years of age or those suffering from gastritis or ulcers. Much less should be consumed by people with diseases such as Parkinson’s or other neurological diseases.

As you can see, preparing bay oil is extremely simple. Best of all, we can bring you many benefits if we know how to use it. That’s why we encourage you to prepare this oil or buy it at the nearest store. If you think this information could help others, share it on your social networks.

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