If Your Heart Is Too Fast, Learn To Stop Tachycardia In Less Than 1 Minute

If you feel that your heart beats very fast is a warning that you must take very seriously as you may have an acceleration heart rate and a risk factor for a heart attack.

The feeling when you get to have a heart attack is really unpleasant a very common condition of the heart, which occurs equally in men and women of all ages.

It occurs due to different stress situations but sometimes can occur without presenting any specific reason or symptom.

Then we recommend you try these 3 simple methods, so you can act quickly and slow your pulse in less than a minute.

Cold water method

For this method, you only need a container filled with very cold water. In case you have fast heartbeats, all you have to do is inhale deeply and dip your face in the cold water. Stay in this position, as this will slow down the metabolism and stimulate the vagal nerve that affects your heart rate.

Therefore, when you keep your face in cold water, your body sends a signal of slowing down the metabolism. This is known as the diving reflex, which causes a rapid decrease in heart rate. This same reflex helps people survive a longer period in cold water.

Deep breathing method

Breathe very deeply, as long as you are no longer able to take in more air. Then exhale the air from your lungs quickly. Deep breaths are simply not enough because they are not able to slow the work of the heart. Therefore you will need to inhale air to the maximum limit of your lungs, significantly more than simple deep inhalation.

Valsalva maneuver

Pinch your nose and close your mouth, then try to blow hard without letting the air out. Keep this pressure as you can. Then exhale and relax.

You may experience mild vertigo, but it is normal. It is the same sensation as when you are trying to disconnect your ears in order to balance the pressure.

Tip: Try each of these methods, you can decide which method suits you best, which is the most useful in your case see how fast and efficient it is too slow your pulse.

Note: Seek immediate medical help if you experience rapid heartbeat, accompanied by feelings of fatigue, pain, or another discomfort.

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