I Never Thought That 7 Cloves Of Garlic and 7 Bay Leaves In A Bottle Can Do This

You want your house to have a fresh and surprising smell every day. I bet, you know what to do but you think that to get it you need to clean it every day and you just do not have time to do it.

How about, if I tell you that there is a very simple trick, with which you can do it without any extra effort. You have to prove it to believe it, all you need to do is to prepare a simple mix to spray your couch, carpets and curtains. You will be amazed at the amazing results.

There will no longer be any need for you to spend more weight on aerosols or environmentally friendly sprays, made with chemicals and toxic to your health, damaging the ozone layer.

This homemade air freshener is 100% natural and environmentally friendly, but best of all is that it quickly neutralizes the bad smell and makes the smell of your home incredible. All you need are these 3 ingredients that you probably already count on at home and taking less than 5 minutes of your time.


Fabulous natural air freshener


• 1/4 cup detergent spheres

• 4 tablespoons baking soda

• 2 cups of water

• 1 small boat

How to prepare and use:

The first thing you need to do is, empty the spheres of detergent into a jar and add the baking soda. Put the water to boil and then add to the mixture. Mix everything very well and leave it for a period of 30 minutes, until everything completely dissolves.

Immediately, I emptied the mixture into the spray can, so your homemade air freshener is ready for use. Spray this mixture, on the things that are found around your house, like mattresses, sofas, chairs, carpets and curtains. Textures like fabrics can smell refresh with the amazing homemade spray.

If the baking soda does not dissolve completely, add a few drops of alcohol in the bottle and shake again very well. Now if it could be dissolved.

Then, in the comfort of your home, enjoy the refreshing odor as if you had thoroughly cleaned your house.

Thank you for reading and please share this article with all your friends that maybe you can help someone who needs it.

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