How to Stop Alzheimer’s Before It Starts: 10 Things You Need to Do Right Away

Dementia is a term used to describe a broad category of brain problems that are causing from the gradual loss of memory, difficulties with thinking, language, problem-solving as well as personality changes. Alzheimer’s disease is responsible for dementia in 60% to 70% of cases.

Other causes include Parkinson’s disease, thyroid gland problems, head trauma, depression, vascular changes, regular use of medications and vitamin deficiency.

If dementia is not treatable it can be a progressive disease, the symptoms will worsen over time. There are different types of dementia, some treatable and reversible, only if it is caused by problems such as depression, thyroid gland, medications or vitamin deficiencies.

If you notice a symptom of dementia in yourself or someone you know, it is very important that you visit a medical specialist to find the reason and start treating it.
There are environmental, physiological, and lifestyle factors that can lead to dementia. Of these risk factors, there are some modifiable and others that do not. Here we will show you 10 very simple strategies that can combat the modifiable factors. Something hard to believe but can actually reduce the level of dementia with these steps.

10 strategies to deal with dementia
• Take Complex B
• Maintain good physical activity
• Stop drinking alcohol and cigarettes
• Stay socially active
• Try to take care of your blood pressure, cholesterol and weight
• Work more your brain, try to challenge your brain with new things
• Take fish oil
• Protect your head from injury
• Take vitamin D
• Try not to consume anticholinergic drugs

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