How To Remove Mold From The Washing Machine Naturally?

The washer is an indispensable product in today’s homes and there are many factors that influence the widespread need to have this appliance.

For example, occupations, responsibilities, children, work, family … All that kind of thing deserves quality time, which can be saved by the use of the washing machine.

Taking into account the excessive frequency during which it is used, the passage of time begins to wreak havoc on its machinery and even the rubber covering the washing machine is usually filled with mold.

What is mold?

It is a fungus that can be found in various places with humid and low-light environments; There are several types and in many cases imperceptible to the human eye.

In spite of proliferating with the hummed, the fungi pertaining to the mold can subsist in the most extreme dryness; Although there they would not reproduce.

These are the “dear friends” that crowd the inner and inner parts of the washing machine; The only positive half of this problem is focused on the aesthetic, since, it is not affected.

However, when it adheres inside, the clothes have a high probability of being infected by them, adding an annoying aroma and even possible infections.


How does mold form in the washing machine?

We have already talked about what mold is and how it can become confirmed on a general level; However, alluding to the washing machine, mold appears thanks to water and soap.

The mixture of these, added to the humidity inside the appliance, make up the perfect environment for the appearance of mold.

This is easy to recognize, usually, has a dark green color and a viscous texture.

Alternatives to cleaning the washing machine

Housekeeping involves having a large number of cleaning products; These are characterized by their high chemical components, in addition to its exorbitant price.
Such products can affect you in various ways; In health, its high chemical content tends to cause various ailments, in addition to deteriorating the washing machine.

On the other hand, its high price affects the economy; It is not okay to pass up a stingy person but, if there are other possibilities more feasible for the pocket, much better.

Natural alternative

If within the alternatives to perform some activity, in this case, cleaning the washing machine, there are natural options, at no time should they be allowed to pass by.

These are much better than the options offered by the industrialized companies, practically in every way. They are usually cheaper, more effective and less harmful to health.

To clean the washing machine, both inside and out, and remove the mold completely, we will resort to the following natural alternative.

• ¼ cup lemon juice (62 ml)
• 3 liters of water
• 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide (250 ml)
• Spray container

Preparation and application

• Mix all the ingredients in a bucket and mix.
• Pour the preparation into the container with spray; Cover it and shake it (be sure to put the lid on).
• Use gloves and face masks, to avoid swelling of the mold or inhale its unpleasant aroma.
• Apply the mixture with the help of the spray on the whole surface where there is agglomerated mold; • • • No matter if there is much or little.
• Leave on for a few minutes and then remove with a cloth or rag.
• Reserve a quantity of the mixture and pour it in the section where the detergent is deposited; Set the washing machine on a hot water cycle for deeper cleaning.

How to avoid mold formation in the washing machine?

For many, it may be the first time they clean the inside of the washing machine in order to remove the mold agglomeration.

Whether or not it is ideal, it is best to start improving efforts to prevent its occurrence, and thereby prevent bad odors or infections.

It is clear, periodically a technician should be advised for the review; Nevertheless, while the time arrives for this one, a hand will never be of more.

Here are some recommendations to avoid mold formation:

• Leave the washer open after use.
• Remove wet clothing to avoid moisture.
• Dry the gum.
• Apply the natural mixture once every two weeks.

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