Home Remedies with Banana

Properties of banana

Banana is a plant native to India, Australia and tropical Africa. It can grow up to 20 feet or more. Bananas are from the Musaceae family, which includes bananas and bananas (also known as male bananas).

Its cultivation has spread to tropical countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. One of the advantages of banana, besides its rich flavor and its health benefits, is that it is a fruit that can be obtained all year round.

Over time, bananas have been characterized by being the monkeys’ favorite food and for being the reason for slips in comedies. In many dieting diets, you have been known to be a fruit that is fattening and therefore you should not eat if you want to lose weight.

The truth is that bananas are used by athletes when they want to gain weight. However, if eaten in moderation, far from fattening, bananas are a very nutritious fruit.

Benefits of banana for health

Banana is one of the most popular foods when you want to add potassium to your diet. In a study conducted between two villages in Japan, it was discovered that potassium can help control blood pressure. The villagers who had higher potassium levels had a healthier blood pressure than the inhabitants of the other village, which had lower potassium levels.

Another benefit to banana health is that it strengthens the digestive system. Both banana and ripe banana protect the stomach from acid and ulcers. Bananas produce mucus that creates a barrier between the walls of the stomach and gastric acid. In India, doctors use a remedy based on green banana powder to treat ulcers. In addition banana is one of the best foods to relieve gastritis.

Bananas are good for heart health. Two small bananas provide the fiber that provides a slice of whole wheat bread. But, unlike bread, banana fiber is soluble. The soluble fiber that fruits and vegetables contain helps to lower cholesterol.


Home Remedies with Banana

  • For herpes and ulcers, in Curacao, they use a home remedy with banana peel. They remove the husk from the banana when it is still green, dry it and use it to relieve herpes lesions and leg ulcers caused by diabetes.
  • To reaffirm the bust, make a well-ripe banana puree and put it on the bra.
  • For dry skin, apply a banana mask.
  • To erase marks on shoes, rub the bottom of the shell over the mark.
  • To treat stingy ones, stick with a plaster a piece of ripe banana peel, the bottom of the peal sticking to your skin and leave it all the time. Remove only to bathe.
  • Banana peel is also used to whiten teeth.


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