Habits That Damage The Health Of Your HIP: Know Them!

The pain centered on the joints of the hip is, without doubt, one of the most frequent in women. The risk of a possible bill usually reaches advanced ages, so it is a reality that we must be very aware of.

If today you feel punctures, pains in the lower back that reach the buttocks and very severe discomfort in the hip when walking or climbing the stairs, take this information into account. Consult your doctor any problem and do not hesitate to improve your daily habits to have a better quality of life.

What habits can damage the health of my hip?

In the first place, we must point out that, often, the hereditary component has a high weight when it comes to suffering from hip wear. Diseases such as arthritis and even osteoporosis are factors that are going to greatly reduce the health of our bones and joints.

If at a family level you know that the subject of wear and hip pain is something habitual, it will be essential that you improve your habits to take care of your articulatory health. It is essential that you take care of your diet, that you do some exercise and establish preventive guidelines so that this reality so common among us does not affect you.

Let’s see now what habits can damage the health of your hip

1. A sedentary life

Surely you already sensed it. The most ironic thing is that, despite knowing all those realities that affect the health of our bones, we do not put means to improve our quality of life. How many hours a day are you sitting? Or how much time do you spend standing in the same position? Keep in mind that our hips have complex joints that tend to overload easily.

It is very typical, for example, to notice how, when we got up, we felt a sudden crunch at the hip. It is also common to feel at the end of the day a kind of stinging that goes from this part to the belly and also radiating to the buttocks. Remember then that a sedentary life is a great enemy for the health of bones and joints.

2. An incorrect diet

You may have done numerous diets to lose weight throughout your life, but did you eat properly? Did you include adequate levels of calcium, phosphorus or magnesium? Women always suffer deficits of these three minerals and, if we add inadequate nutrition, we also favor that the bone and joints that form the hip lose density and problems appear.

Be very careful with soft drinks, sweets, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, tobacco and even red meat. All of them cause us to lose levels of calcium and magnesium and in turn, they provide amino acids with sulfur that cause us to excrete calcium in the urine. Always take care of your diet. Think that everything you eat can be either a facilitator for the health of your bones, or a great enemy.

3. The continued use of the heel

The habitual use of heels varies our postural axis, damages our back and, as a result, our hip also suffers its consequences. It is possible that for work reasons you are forced to have to use heels, but ideally never exceed 4 centimeters. If they are higher and used for a prolonged period, they can cause serious injuries.

4. Beware of falls

We already know that the risk of suffering a broken hip comes with the years, when our bones lose bone mass and this joint is already very fragile. However, you should be careful with other aspects: sometimes, a bad step can cause a crack in the hip. It does not matter if you are 20 or 40 years old, since there is no age for this type of injuries or falls. If not treated properly, in the long term we can have more serious complications in the hip.

So, if you are someone who usually goes for a walk or do some sport, always wear good shoes and do not risk overloading your body excessively

How can we take better care of our hip health?

  • Increase your magnesium and calcium levels. There are many foods that can provide these minerals, but if in your family is common to suffer from hip problems, you can talk to your doctor to prescribe a supplement. In many pharmacies, there are adequate treatments that can help us increase the level of these essential minerals to care for and strengthen our bones.
  • The healthiest activity: swimming. If it is within your possibilities to go to a pool, it would be ideal to practice swimming every week. The exercises that we can do in the water are ideal to strengthen bones, muscles and joints. And you will arrive very relaxed at home!
  • Always take care of your weight. Obesity or those extra kilos are a direct enemy not only for the health of our hips, but also our knees. It is an “extra” weight that they must support and that makes their movements difficult. Try to maintain an adequate weight and eat healthy and varied. If you see that, over the years, your metabolism changes and you can not lose those extra pounds, consult a nutritionist. Worth it!

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