Ginger or Turmeric: FINALLY! What is Better to your Health?

Ginger and turmeric are two powerful spices that have been widely used throughout history for culinary and medical purposes. Both have wonderful health benefits that make them a great addition to prepared meals.

However, many wonders which is better. Without further ado, here is a comparison between ginger and turmeric:

The vitamins and minerals found in ginger
When it comes to vitamins and minerals, ginger has a lot of nutrients that can benefit the body. These include the following:
Magnesium – Vitamin C – Vitamin B6 – Calcium – Copper – Zinc – Phosphorus – Iron.

The vitamins and minerals found in turmeric
In comparison, here are the nutrients you can get when you eat turmeric:
Vitamin B6 – Potassium – Iron – Vitamin C – Calcium – Magnesium

As you can see, ginger has a little more of the nutrients to offer than turmeric. However, although both have iron, turmeric is a source of power when it comes to this mineral, while ginger has only iron in small amounts.

The Health Benefits Offered by Ginger
Ginger comes with a number of health benefits, including the following:
– Relieves indigestion
– Improves nutrient absorption
– Helps digestive system function better
– Cure the symptoms of the cold, including nose and throat congestion
– Helps relieve nausea
– Reduce pigmented spots that appear on the skin
– Eliminates abdominal cramps
– Help to eliminate flatulence
– Improves the condition of patients with arthritis as it reduces joint pain and inflammation.

The Health Benefits Offered by Curcuma
Of course, turmeric has numerous health benefits as well. For this reason, this spice is known as one of the best in the world. Here is a list of the benefits you can get with turmeric:

– Reduces the onset of infection
– Helps improve digestion
– Increases immunity
– Does not give a more radiant skin
– Heals wounds
– Detoxifies the liver
– Improves circulation
– Fights free radicals
– Relieves joint pain and inflammation
– Fight against colds and build up of mucus
– Reduces bad cholesterol levels
– Helps cure anemia

As you can see, both species are very beneficial to your health. With this information, you will not see these two tubers as simple spices for our food. When ginger is used as a natural remedy for some of the diseases described above, it can be used naturally or you can get it as an extract. Meanwhile, turmeric is available in powder, extract, and capsule form.

Keep in mind that ginger is probably safer for almost everyone as there is no evidence linking ginger to negative reactions when consumed. On the other hand, turmeric is also safe, but should be used properly by people, preferably adults. Although there is not enough evidence, turmeric is not recommended according to experts for women who are pregnant and those who are breastfeeding.

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