It Gave Me Gastritis And The Pain Finished Me In 2 Days, But With This Infusion I Heal 5 Days

Gastritis is one of the diseases that many people face. Sometimes it can be caused by the bacteria Helicobacter Pylori. It could also be related to certain foods or even to tobacco consumption.

Among other things, it can cause very sharp pains in the intestine, nausea, vomiting and even bleeding in the stool.


At present, there are many treatments that we can use to combat gastritis. Some people often use antacids or change their diet. In this way, they manage to find the desired relief. However, we want to talk about 3 very good infusions to fight against gastritis. Pay attention to each one so that you can prepare them in your own home

Chamomile infusion

Manzanilla comes from the Latin “Matricaria” meaning matrix or uterus. Its name owes it to the many benefits it brings to problems related to women’s health. However, its fame is due to its anti-inflammatory properties, especially in the digestive system. This promotes healing and reduces inflammation of the intestinal mucosa.

It also has soothing and sedative effects, essential for relieving the pain caused by gastritis. In addition, it is very powerful to protect and repair the gastric mucosa. It not only protects the intestines, but also our stomach. Here’s how to prepare this infusion.

What we will need:

– Chamomile (1 tablespoon).

– Honey (1 tablespoon).

– Water (1 cup).

Preparation and use:

To prepare this infusion, we only have to boil the water until it reaches the boiling point. Then add the chamomile and let it warm up a little more. Finally, we put out the fire, let it rest and sweeten it with honey. This drink will be taken 20 minutes after our main meal. Remember that with gastritis you should avoid drinking too hot drinks.

Cardamom infusion

The seed of Cardamom or grain of paradise can be obtained in any natural store. This facilitates digestion, reduces acidity relieves colic and reduces intestinal inflammation. In case of having diarrhea, there is the cut, it helps the cicatrization of the gastric mucosa, etc. But if we have irritable bowel syndrome, it is not very suitable for us.

What we will need:

– Cardamom seeds (1 tablespoon).

– Mineral water (1 glass).

Preparation and use:

Like the previous infusion, we should put to warm the water enough. When it reaches the boiling point, add the cardamom to the pot and let simmer for 20 minutes. Exhausted that time, we will put out the fire and let it cool. This infusion will be taken once a day, after our main meal.

Boldo infusion

This plant is good for treating gastritis for several reasons. One of them is that, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties is good to combat gastritis. It also relieves dyspepsia, flatulence, poor digestion and burning. In addition, it protects the stomach and takes care of the gastric mucosa.

Something that is good to clarify is that, in excess, boldo tea can be very dangerous. That’s why we recommend taking only 1 cup per day and never more than 15 seconds. Neither should those who suffer from gallstones should consume it.

What we will need:

– Dry boldo leaves (1 tablespoon).

– Honey (1 tablespoon).

Mineral water (1 glass).

Preparation and use:

Initially, we must put to boil the water. As soon as it gets hot, we will add the boldo leaves in the water. Now, let it cook for about 20 minutes and let stand until it is warm. This infusion will be consumed 20 minutes after our main meal.

Some extra tips

Prevent your stomach from emptying for 2 or 3 hours in a row. In that case, the gastric acids will stir up and increase the pain of your gastritis. You could also start your day with a glass of water mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey. Try to consume white yogurt, carrot juices, and coconut water. All this will keep you well nourished and will combat gastritis. Finally, drink enough water to avoid dehydration and eliminate bacteria from your body.

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