Garlic and Lemon Juice – Home Remedy to Lose Weight and Clean the Colon in 3 Days

Garlic and lemon have excellent properties to burn fat, together will help you very much flatten your belly in a short time. You should only take it daily by means of infusions.

The great power of garlic combined with lemon to burn fat is so special that it helps us to lower our belly and cleanse our body as well as the colon.

Preparing an infusion with these powerful fat burning will help us in only 3 days to clean our body and colon, it is worth noting that we should consult our family doctor before taking these infusions.

Natural remedies like these are very powerful because their cleaning factor is high, and they are also remedies with which we can have impeccable health with little money and effort, it is always necessary to have a prescription by hand that will help us to detoxify us.


• 1 Liter of water
• A complete garlic head
• 2 lemons

Procedure for getting a flat belly

– In a casserole add the water, peel all the cloves of garlic and place them there, part each lemon in half and add them to the casserole.
– Put it in the fire with the pot covered until it starts to boil.
– Let this rest for 5 minutes to concentrate, strain the mixture.
– You must drink it all day. But it is important that the first glass of the mixture is taken in the morning and fasting before breakfast.

Lemon acids burn fat and garlic purifies your body. Garlic defames your stomach,

While taking this infusion avoid dairy and red meats, do not take this remedy for more than a month because the body becomes accustomed and ceases to have the effect.

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