Eliminates Body Hair Without Using Chemicals With This Natural Shaving Cream

The elimination of unwanted body hair is one of the aesthetic care that many people put into practice in a habitual way.

Whether for taste, comfort or hygiene, many are looking for methods to remove it and keep the skin smooth and smooth.

The problem is that not all techniques fit the skin and occasionally cause aggressions that can be painful and annoying.

The cosmetic industry has developed a wide variety of products whose composition sharpens the hair and facilitates its elimination.

However, some of its chemical compounds are harmful and can generate adverse reactions on sensitive skin.

Fortunately, there are alternatives of natural origin that, thanks to the combination of soft ingredients, help to achieve similar effects without taking risks.

In the following space, we want to share the recipe of a natural shaving cream that, besides lubricating, the skin, prevents the appearance of cystic hairs or irritations.

Do not forget to try it!
Natural shaving cream to remove unwanted hair

Natural shaving cream is an alternative product whose combination of ingredients helps to moisten and soften the skin.

Thanks to their properties, they facilitate the sliding of the razors or razors and help to eliminate the hair without causing damage or aggressions to the cutaneous tissue.

In addition, due to its contribution of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant compounds, it also serves to give you an extra nutrition and many other benefits.

The most interesting thing is that, unlike conventional creams, it does not contain strong chemicals nor is it too expensive.

Its inclusion in the regular beauty routine contributes to keeping the skin soft, moisturized and with a longer lasting shave.

How to prepare this natural shaving cream?

The preparation of this natural shaving cream is very easy and does not require ingredients too expensive or difficult to acquire.

The ideal is to buy the best quality since, although there are more economic presentations, some do not have the same properties or nutritional quality.

The result is a product with lubricating properties that, after being applied, facilitates the removal of hair without leaving the skin dry or with alterations.

• 4 tablespoons peanut butter (50 g)
• ¼ cup olive oil (50 g)
• ¼ cup honey (84 g)
• 1 tablespoon baking soda (10 g)
• ¼ bar of handmade soap
• 1 capsule of vitamin E
• 1 tablespoon white clay (10 g)

• Hermetic glass bottle
• Wooden spoon

• Put the peanut butter in a heat-resistant container and let it melt in the water bath.
• When it is melted, incorporate the olive oil and a quarter cup of honey.
• Remove with a tablespoon of wood and make sure everything is well integrated.
• Then add the baking soda, the homemade soap and the vitamin E capsule.
• Continue stirring and leave on low heat for 2 or 3 minutes.
• Remove the product, add the tablespoon of white clay and continue mixing until incorporated with the other ingredients.
• If you like, let it rest a little and then flip it in the blender so that it stays with a creamier and more compact texture.
• Pour the preparation into an airtight glass jar and let it sit in a cool place until it solidifies.

Mode of application

• Before using this product, be sure to thoroughly wash the areas you want to shave because, even if you do not notice it, there may be dust and sweat residue that irritate the skin.
• Then take the required amount of cream and spread it over the hairs you want to remove.
• Carefully move the blade and perform a normal shave.
• Finally, rinse with warm water and store the remaining product in a cool, dry place.

To keep in mind!
• This shaving cream can last up to two months in perfect condition if kept in the recommended conditions.
• In order to avoid injury or unwanted reactions, it is advisable to change the disposable razors every time you want to remove hair.
• The ideal is to use machines with three or four sheets, as they facilitate hair removal and are better than two.
• For optimal protection of the skin, apply a moisturizing or astringent cream after each shaving.

Do you dare to prepare it at home? If you are looking for a different method to get rid of unwanted hair, do not hesitate to try it.

You’ll love it!

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