Don’t THROW THE EGGSHELLS ANYMORE! We Tell You What They Will Do For You!!

It is very likely that you will eat one or several eggs during the week. This delicious food is very versatile and can be taken at breakfast or included in other recipes to enjoy as a family.

Although it was thought long ago that it was not healthy to ingest it, it has been proven that its benefits are more and that contains nutrients that are worth taking advantage of.

What many people still ignore is that their shell also has properties that could be useful for health, home, and even beauty.

One of the main reasons why no one should throw them is their high calcium content. It is estimated that 90% of these are composed of this important mineral beneficial to the bones, the cardiovascular system and teeth.

In addition, in smaller quantity, they contain other essential minerals that can generate a positive impact in the organism.

Have you ever given any uses to egg shells? If you are part of the group of people who do not know what they are for, continue reading and find out how to use them from now on.

Detoxify the body

The nutrients contained in these shells are very effective in stimulating the elimination of toxins in the body.

• 5 eggshells
• 3 liters of water

• Wash and crush the eggshells well until obtaining a powder and mix with the three liters of water in a jar.
• Store this mixture for seven days before starting consumption.

 Mode of consumption
•When the recommended time has elapsed, take two glasses a day to take the three liters.

Syrup to stimulate the thyroid gland

When you mix the shells with ingredients like lemon and pure honey from bees you can make a natural syrup to combat a cough and other symptoms of flu and cold.

• 8 eggshells
• 5 lemons
• 1 kg of honey
•1 liter of water

• Wash and crush the egg shells well until they are flour.
• Squeeze the juice of the lemons and add it in a bowl with the flour of the shells.
• Leave it in the refrigerator until it softens and then incorporates the water and the kilo of honey.
•Mix everything in the same container and let stand 7 days in a cool, dry place.

Mode of consumption
• Take one tablespoon three times a day, every day, after every main meal.
• You can take the same dose to relieve the symptoms.

Home Exfoliator

Of course, by their texture, egg shells can also be used in the preparation of a natural exfoliant.

Its application facilitates the removal of dead cells to leave the skin smooth, renewed and free of impurities.

• 2 tablespoons powdered egg shells.
•1 egg white.

• Grind the eggshells until they are powdered and mix with the egg white.

Mode of application
• Extend the product onto the face with a brush and let it act until it dries.
• Rinse with warm water and repeat use once a week.
•Not recommended for people with dry skin.

Nail Strengthener


For the calcium it provides is beneficial for those who have fragile nails. Its direct use is a great way to take advantage of it.

• ½ teaspoon of powdered egg shells.
• 1 clear enamel.

• Grind the eggshells and mix the powder in a clear enamel.

Mode of application
•Apply a coat of enamel three times a week, or more if you consider it necessary.

Home payment

Due to its content of calcium and other minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, manganese and iron, they are ideal for nourishing the soil and for strengthening plants.

•10 eggshells

•Grind the eggshells until they are flour.

Mode of application
• Place the dust of shells on the ground of the pots of your plants or in the garden.
• Use it as a fertilizer once a month.

To bleach clothes

If the linen is starting to look persuaded and the detergent is not enough to whiten it, take advantage of this part of the egg.

• 3 eggshells
• 1 gauze pouch

• Break the egg shells into several pieces and insert them into the gauze bags.

How to use
• Insert the bag into the washing machine while you wash the clothes you want to bleach.

As you can see, there are several interesting uses for this part of the egg that you would probably throw away.

Now that you know how to use them you can start to give them more utility in your home to have an ecological alternative and many properties.

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