Different Uses That Can Give This Wonderful Cream

We always look for the best cream for the care of our skin, maintaining a soft and moisturized skin makes us feel very good. If you have the necessary care that your body needs it is very easy to keep your skin perfect. We know that diseases usually appear first in our skin, changing the tone or texture of it.

There are many creams that can help us protect and rejuvenate our skin. We know that not all of them work but this one does not try to improve your skin until you find the one indicated. Today in this article I will tell you which is the best.

This is Nivea cream, if you probably already have it in your house and your family has used it forever. For many years people buy it and their results are positive and incredible. It is a body cream but its benefits do not end there.

I’ll show you a list of extra uses you can give to this fabulous cream. They sell it at any convenience store and are one of the cheapest creams you can get.

Uses and benefits of Nivea cream

Comb your hair

If you do not get your hair to fit as you want, apply a little and mold the way you want. You can stop buying other hair products.

Rejuvenate your feet

Just massaging your feet with cream before bed and remember to wear socks so that the cream does not fall, you will see how your feet look different in the morning. Repeat the process every night.
Your feet will be extra soft.

Makeup remover

Just apply a small layer of the cream and massage gently, to remove it uses a cotton. To finish wash your face with warm water and ready.

Hydrated hands and face

Just apply a little cream on your face and cover with a damp towel for half an hour, you will feel refreshed when you finish. At the same time massage your hands and remove dryness.

For dry lips

You should apply a small amount to your lips as long as you feel dry, you will gradually stop being dry.

Rejuvenate your eyes

For those age lines in the eyes. You simply need to apply it around the eyes and let it act all night. You can use it every night.

Prevent stretch marks in pregnancy

It is very simple only apply the cream in the most common areas where stretch marks may appear.

How Sunscreen Works

If you think you will suffer burns for being in the sun for a long time, it only applies to all areas exposed to the sun.


In fire accidents, this cream can prevent the development of blisters and relieve pain.

Treatment of dermatitis

This cream is able to prevent and sometimes cure dermatitis.

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