Did You Know That If You Use This You Can Cleanse And Recover Your Colon In The Same Week You Start

The main function of the colon (large intestine) is to get rid of body waste. Hence keeping it healthy is of great importance to keep us in good shape. Otherwise, the body would accumulate toxins that would make us very sick.

If we do not take care of it, sooner or later we will end up suffering from constipation, cramps, inflammation, gas, difficulty to lose weight and even colon cancer. Here are some very useful tips.

Consume fiber

Experts recommend consuming at least 40 grams of fiber a day. With that is more than enough to keep the colon healthy. Among the foods rich in fiber we can highlight vegetables, beans, grains, nuts and seeds.

Interview your food

To avoid problems with the colon, it is essential to remove foods that can obstruct them. Among them, you should reduce the consumption of processed foods, caffeine, alcohol and white flour. On the other hand, you can increase your intake of chard, fruit, turnips, spinach, dates, Brussels sprouts, areas, raspberries, spinach, vegetables, blackberries, pears, figs, etc.

Consume lots of water

Water is a substance of great importance for cleaning the colon and eliminating toxins. It can also remove wastes that obstruct the functioning of the large intestine. It is generally recommended to consume between 6 and 8 glasses of water daily.


Physical activity is directly related to the health of our colon and many other organisms. Some suggestions that we give you is to do yoga, to mount bike, to run, to swim, etc.

By simply following these simple guidelines, you can contribute a lot to the well-being of your large intestine. Here are 3 recipes that will help you with this goal.

Juice of aloe vera with lemon

Aloe Vera juice is very potent when it comes to cleansing our colon. It can help us lose weight, remove toxins, and have anti-cancer properties. Here’s how to prepare it.

What we will need:

• Lemons (3 units).
• Honey (5 tablespoons).
• Aloe (2 leaves).
• Water (1 liter).

Preparation and use:

To begin, we must extract the crystal from the aloe and pour it into small pieces in the blender. Next, add the juice of the lemons, water and honey. All these ingredients will liquefy and throw in a container of crests. Finally, we refrigerate the juice and consume it every day on an empty stomach.


The salad that we will teach you to prepare next is very good for cleaning your colon and losing weight. Therefore, pay attention to the following instructions on how to prepare it.

What we will need:

  • Red cabbage (1.5 cups).
    Chopped onion (1 unit).
    Chopped garlic (4 cloves).
    Grated or chopped celery (1 unit).
    Apples chopped in julienne (2 units).
    Carrots (3 units).
    Zucchini cut into julienne (½ cup).
    Cooked yellow squash (½ cup).
    Turnip (½ cup).
    Lemon juice.
    Olive oil.
    Balsamic vinegar.
    Herbs and Seeds:
    Basil (1 tablespoon).
    Fennel seeds.
    Chopped ginger (1 tablespoon).
    Oregano (1 tablespoon).
    Rosemary leaves (¼ of a tablespoon).
    Shed (2 tablespoons).
    Mint (2 tablespoons).
    Thyme (½ tablespoon).
    Spicy sauce (optional).

Preparation and use:

The preparation of this recipe is extremely simple. All we have to do is get a bowl of salad and mix all the ingredients. Then add the herbs and season to taste with lemon, vinegar, olive oil and hot sauce.

Pineapple, parsley, and strawberries

This shake is very good for disinflame the colon and eliminates the toxins that hinder its functioning. The properties of each of its ingredients make it a diuretic par excellence. In addition, it has great antioxidant effects.

What we will need:

Pineapple (1 slice).
Fresh parsley (1 tablespoon).
Strawberries (6 units).
Preparation and use:

All you have to do is put all the ingredients in a blender and add some water. Afterward, liquefy for a few minutes until everything is fully integrated. Finally, we will serve and preferably take it on an empty stomach every day.

With these three natural remedies in addition to the suggestions we gave you at the beginning, surely you can keep your colon healthy. The only thing left for you to do is to apply these tips and take these drinks or eat the salad. If you do, you’ll notice impressive results in no time. If you found useful tips, share them on your social networks.

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