Did You Know that If You Use It To Wash Your Hair This Will Grow Very Fast And Without Even A Dandruff

Many people greatly appreciate apple cider vinegar for its many uses. In addition to seasoning our food, this is very good for controlling blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, detoxify the body and fight skin alterations and infections.

What few knew is that this product is very good for hair health. We will list all your benefits in this regard.

Regulates the pH of the scalp

Many of the products we use are often very aggressive and alter the pH of the hair and scalp. The ideal would be to maintain the pH in a 4 or 5, and with the acidity of the vinegar we can get it easily. When applied on our hair, we will restore the balance in the pH of the hair without damaging it with essential oils.

Seal the cuticle of the hair

Apple cider vinegar is able to seal the cuticle of the hair. As a result, our hair will remain soft and shiny. But this product also helps us maintain the natural moisture of the hair strands. In this way, we avoid the problem of open ends.

Natural Conditioner

This vinegar is the perfect candidate to replace commercial conditioners. It is very capable of leaving your hair soft, silky and with a great natural shine. So, if you want to untangle your hair without resorting to chemicals, use this natural conditioner.

Fight dandruff

This natural product has antibacterial and antifungal properties. For that reason, it fights bacteria and fungi that cause dandruff, itching, and dryness. One of the reasons dandruff may appear is through the FM hog (Pityrosporum oval). This fungus is responsible for forming scabs and irritation on the scalp. In the worst case, this fungus can generate a great infection. In this case, Apple cider vinegar acts as a disinfectant that removes this fungus.

Promotes Hair Growth

Other properties possessed by apple cider vinegar are antiseptic and disinfectant properties. That is why it cleans deeply the hair follicles and eliminates the bacteria that cause dandruff. In addition to that, it stimulates circulation in the scalp. All this makes the hair grow healthy and strong.

Something that we must take into account with these products, is that in the market there are some that are not 100% authentic. That’s why we recommend you choose organic vinegar that are organic. Generally, these are the ones that best preserve their properties. In them, we can find beneficial enzymes, pectin, trace mineral minerals and bacteria that benefit the health of the hair.

What we will need:

• Water (250 ml).
• Organic apple vinegar (2 tablespoons).

Preparation and use:

To start, we must mix both products very well in one cup. Subsequently, pour the substance into a Spray bottle. Afterward, we will proceed to wash our head as usual with our preferred shampoo. Then we will apply this liquid on the hair and the scalp before the last rinse.

While we are smearing this substance, we should be doing gentle massages on the head. In this way we will get the substance to penetrate the scalp. Now, let the substance act for several minutes and rinse the head. If you do not want to, do not use conditioner, it is not necessary.

If your scalp is usually oily, we can use a greater amount of apple cider vinegar. In this way, you can remove excess fat, while smoothing and strengthening hair. If you want to know how much more you should use, start with the base measure we gave you earlier. Then, gradually increasing the amount until you find the right one for your hair type.


At first, the strong smell of vinegar may make us suffer a little. However, as the hair dries, it stops smelling. Therefore, you can do this method with complete confidence. Repeat this process twice a week for amazing results.

Do not wait any longer and start today to prepare this simple but powerful substance. We can assure you that as soon as you start using it, you will notice a big difference. If you found useful information, share it on your social networks.

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