We all know that lemon is used as a natural medicine and that its benefits are multiple to cure different diseases in the body. It is good for our health because of the large amounts of vitamin C.

This fruit is added to tea, used for food preparation and treatment of colds. However, there are more fabulous lemon properties.

The clove, native to Indonesia. It is known for its uses in cooking, but it is also used in natural medicine to combat body problems and health.

Today I will show you different uses if you combine these two ingredients. For example, if you put lemon next to the bed where you lie down, the benefits of doing this will be mentioned right away.
Benefits of Flocking Lemon and Clove

Cleans the air of germs

Lemon not only has a nice smell, but also fights bacteria, and will effectively clean the air in the room.

Reduces blood pressure

Many people in the world suffer from hypertension, we can use lemon for these problems. Its aroma lowers blood pressure.


Its citrus scent calms the nervous system, reduces anxiety and relieves tension.

Improve concentration and attention

If you inhale the aroma every day you will improve your concentration, mental activity and memory. Even at work, people make fewer mistakes if they smell like lemon. Japanese scientists found this property of Lemon.

Improves mood

Lemon oil helps us to treat depression, leave all those expensive medicines that do not serve. Test the oil and you will notice changes quickly.

Insect repellent

Ants, flies, mosquitoes and many other insects will move away from your house if it smells like lemon. Do not spend money on insecticides. Just part a lemon and add the cloves, put in the doors to keep the insects away.
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